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Dead rising overtime mode first cutscene (3)
Location Location icon  Willamette Parkview Mall
Psychopath Special Forces
Starts Time icon  Overtime Mode
Dead Rising Cases
Goal icon
Collect 8 items, the generator, and the 10 queens for Isabela

Isabela tells Frank that he is infected and will start to become a zombie soon. Isabela comes up with an idea to retard the zombification process. All she needs are a few specific items and Queens. There are only 24 hours left before the zombification process is complete. In order to slow the process Frank needs to gather eight items for Isabela and bring them back to her at Carlito's Hideout. Refer to the Map and plot a course through the mall, starting with the closest item, the First Aid Kit.[1]tip

Isabela saves Frank cutscene[]

Frank despairs
Dead rising isabela
thumb|300px|right|Overtime 1 - Frank's zombification
On the Rooftop, a zombie approaches Frank from his side. A bullet hits the zombie.

Isabela: Frank!!

Isabela shoots the surrounding zombies on her way over to Frank.

Isabela: Frank! What's the matter with you? Frank!

Frank turns his head as Isabela approaches him then falls on his side.[2]

Isabela suggests a cure cutscene[]

Frank was bitten by zombie
Dead rising frank
thumb|300px|right|Overtime 1 - Frank is infected
Dead rising overtime mode first cutscene (8)
Frank wakes up on a rug in Carlito's Hideout. Isabela kneels down.

Isabela: You're awake. Oh, thank god... It wasn't easy getting you back here by myself, you know. You collapsed on the roof.

Frank: I collapsed? No... I... Wait... Does that mean...

Isabela: You... You must have gotten yourself infected somehow.

Isabela: The time between infection and zombification differs greatly from person to person... You're lucky, Frank. You seem to have a very high level of resistance.

Frank: So, uh... So what you're sayin' is that I spend longer for the inevitable to happen. Is that it? You know, I'm not sure "lucky" is the word I'd use. The helicopter crashed... No one's coming to help us now... It's over for us, no matter what we do.

Isabela walks away then stands still as if she has suddenly remembered something.

Isabela: What if... What if there was some way to impede the infection? If we could extract and administer a large dose of hormones from the corpus allatum of an adult queen... It would potentially hinder the growth of the larvae in your blood, retarding the zombification process.

Frank: Hang on a sec! I don't understand a word you just said. What do we suppose to do?

Isabela: I'll need certain supplies to get this to work. And Queens... As many as you can get your hands on.

Isabela helps Frank up.
Frank: Alright. Sounds like a plan. Sure beats sittin' around here waiting to die.[2]

Stock up[]

When Frank leaves Carlito's Hideout stock up with weapons first.

Dead rising overtime weapons 125 126 (2)

N126, the empty store with the entrance to Carlito's hideout has a lead pipe.

Dead rising overtime weapons 125 126

Across the way in N126, the empty store with the secondary entrance to the hideout has a 2 x 4.

Dead rising overtime huntin shack guns

Travel to the Huntin' Shack and supply Frank with shotguns and Sniper Rifles for the helicopter drone.
It is important to point out that the Special Forces soldiers are especially difficult to kill with firearms.

Helicopter drone cutscene[]

thumb|300px|right|Overtime 2 -Helicopter Drone As Frank leaves to collect the 8 items, a cutscene begins. The special forces have equipped small remote controlled drones to patrol the halls of Willamette Parkview Mall searching for any sign of life. If one spots Frank, it will shoot him with its attached machinegun as well as sound an alarm to bring the Special Forces. As Frank collects these items in the mall, it is best if Frank tries to avoid and try to remain unseen by the special forces. The Special Forces are tough and congregate in large numbers when Frank is spotted.[1] If Frank has Special Forces on his tail, don't fight them out in the open. Instead, draw them into a tight space and mow them down as they bunch up.[3] The Disembowel skill (A + X and the same time) is particularly powerful and can instantly kill, it is more effective than all but the most powerful melee weapons.

Maintenance hallway[]

Dead rising overtime side passage

Take the long hallway inside of N124 to the right in order to bypass North Plaza's main walkway.

Dead rising N124
Dead rising overtime mode north plaza soldier location back hallway

Stop at the edge of the wall when Frank reaches the end and watch the Special Forces soldier inside the room beyond. Run in as soon as his back is turned and hit him with the strongest melee weapon Frank has.

Collecting Items[]

Avoiding the helicopter
Tip icon
Dead rising helicopter crashed into clock tower (2)

Avoid the helicopter crash scene

As soon as overtime begins, a helicopter will have crashed into the clock tower in Leisure Park. Avoid the clock tower and the wreckage around it, as it will launch a cutscene. After the cutscene the helicopter will appear and attack Frank, and remain in the park until Frank and Isabela escape. Frank can avoid the helicopter by never activating this cutscene until Isabela needs a generator.

The order in which the game lists these 8 items is questionable. It has Frank moving all around the mall, jumping back and forth, and it doesn't seem to be in any order whatsoever.[4]

First Aid Kit[]

Frank starts overtime in the North Plaza, which means he can obtain the First Aid Kit in the Seon's Food & Stuff pharmacy first. Unfortunately, there are 10 Special Forces soldiers in the grocery store. So, run. Simply run past the soldiers, swerving from side to side in an attempt to avoid their gunfire. Frank should run to the double doors at the back of the store, he can grab a couple of bottles of wine from the King of Wine section on the way. Enter the pharmacy and grab the First Aid Kit from the shelf. [5]
Seon's Food & StuffRipper's BladesCD CrazyHuntin' ShackPearly White's PhotoCrislip's Home SaloonN106N112N111N109N102N122Carlito's HideoutN125N128Dead rising L3
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Magnifying Glass[]

Dead rising overtime mode Magnifying Glass

The closest item on the list next is the Magnifying Glass, which can be found inside Wonder Jewels (W104) in Wonderland Plaza. Set a Guide Arrow and take the Maintenance Tunnel exit inside the hallway leading to the Pharmacy instead of exiting the supermarket into North Plaza. There's a running Delivery Truck inside the tunnel. Quickly drive to the Wonderland Plaza maintenance tunnel entrance (marked as a flashing star on the map). Wonder Jewels is right next to the maintenance tunnel door. [1] There is one Special Forces soldier in Wonder Jewels.

Dead rising overtime-mode-magnifying-glass-map

Cold Spray[]

Run across the hall to the Wonderland Plaza restroom. Once in the ladies' room, use the secret hatch to enter Paradise Plaza.

After saving your game in the Paradise Plaza restroom, the Cold Spray at SporTrance is the closest item.

Ascend the nearby stairs to the second floor of SporTrance. There is one special forces solider in this store, with several more close by.[3]

Dead rising overtime mode ITEM cold spray (3)

The Cold Spray is near the front of the store.

Marriage MakersColombian Roastmasters (Paradise Plaza)Tucci's of RomeSporTranceLady About TownParadise Plaza 2nd floor
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Colombian Roastmasters is directly across the hall. Pick up the blender and don't forget to stock up on Orange Juice here.

The rotating blender disappears when Frank picks it up, but when Frank leaves and returns the normal blender is back.

Marriage MakersColombian Roastmasters (Paradise Plaza)Tucci's of RomeSporTranceLady About TownParadise Plaza 2nd floor
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Developing Solution[]

Dead rising overtime mode ITEM Developing Solution

Hop over the railing of Colombian Roastmasters. Pick up the katana, then drop down to the first level. Run the short distance to Cam's Camera. The Developing Solution is found behind the counter.

Unless Frank drew them out, there are two Special Forces soldiers on either side of this store, one in Josh's Jewels and one in Shoekin's.

Book to find queens
Tip icon
Dead rising Weekly Photo Magazine
Across the hall is Contemporary Reading, which has the book Weekly Photo Magazine. This book will allow Frank to see green Prestige Points Markers over the heads of zombies which host queens, making it easier for Frank to spot those infested zombies. This book and Nectar can help Frank collect the 10 queens required.
Contemporary ReadingChild's PlayPlayersJill's SandwichesEntertainment IsleTuneMakersCantonbury'sBachman's BookporiumTyke n' TotsYe Olde ToyboxSporTranceUniverse of OpticsKids' Choice ClothingJosh's JewelsCam's CameraShoekin'sColby's MovielandEntrance PlazaLeisure ParkParadise PlazaParadise Plaza 1st floor
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Coffee Filters[]

The Warehouse door is just next to Cam's Camera. The warehouse hallway is a great spot to take out many of the 10 Special Forces soldiers. The Coffee Filters is found in the room with all of the monitors. Don't forget the green couch save spot.
Entrance PlazaThe Sinister ReadWallington'sSpringtree JewelsWomen's LibNed's KnicknackerySpecial GiftsShootingstar Sporting GoodsKicks For HerModern BusinessmanEstelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics (Entrance Plaza)Kathy's BoutiqueOutta SightIn The ClosetThe ShoehornLadies' SpaceEmerald'sRobsaka DigitalJamming JuvenileSecurity RoomEntrance Plaza First Floor
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Camp Stove[]

The entrance plaza door in the security room is now unlocked. Robsaka Digital is right next to the security room door, and it has a soldier inside. Walk down the stair to the first level. The camp stove is in Sports High.
Gromin'sSports HighRefined ClassJason Wayne's Sporting GoodsGramma's KidsMen's StorehouseRafael's ShoesEveryone Luvs BooksChildren's CastleJ.F. NicholsThe Distinguished GentlemanFashion FiestaSpaceEntrance PlazaParadise PlazaAl Fresca PlazaEntrance Plaza First Floor
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Perfume Bottle[]

Dead rising overtime mode ITEM Perfume bottle

Run to the other side of Entrance Plaza, at the top of the stairs is Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics and Frank's last item he needs to collect. Pick up the Perfume Bottle then return to Isabela in Carlito's Hideout. On the way, stop by Colombian Roastmasters on the way to make some Nectar.

Entrance PlazaThe Sinister ReadWallington'sSpringtree JewelsWomen's LibNed's KnicknackerySpecial GiftsShootingstar Sporting GoodsKicks For HerModern BusinessmanEstelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics (Entrance Plaza)Kathy's BoutiqueOutta SightIn The ClosetThe ShoehornLadies' SpaceEmerald'sRobsaka DigitalJamming JuvenileSecurity RoomEntrance Plaza First Floor
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Nectar for collecting queens
Tip icon
Before returning to Isabela with Frank's 8 items, make some Nectar in a blender by mixing two orange juices which will help Frank collect the 10 queens required.

Isabela develops the suppressant cutscene[]

Early Zombrex
Dead rising isabela
thumb|300px|right|Overtime 3 - Explaining how the suppressant works

Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE supressant
Frank paces as Isabela sets up her equipment

Frank: So... this... drug that stops the parasite growth... Have you ever made it before? Or is it just a theory?

Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE supressant (2)

Isabela: When I was working in the medical lab, my brother asked me to research a method of suppressing the parasite. Of course, back then, we didn't extract the hormones directly. We synthesized them in the lab.
Frank: So, he was looking to protect himself from his own terrorist scheme. He wanted a way out, is that it?

Isabela: I don't know... I know he didn't bring the drug with him here. I have no idea what he'd intended to use it for. You think I'm just making excuses, but Carlito kept things from me.

Frank kneels beside Isabela.

Frank: Even if this, uh... Even if you do manage to make this drug, it won't completely cure me. Will it?

Isabela: I'm afraid not...

Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE supressant (3)

Isabela: When the effect wears off, the parasite will develop as it normally would, continuing the zombification process.
Frank: Fat lotta good that does me...

Isabela turns to look at Frank
Frank: Well... It's the only hope I've got now.[2]

Carlito's Zombie Time Bombs cutscene[]

Isabela needs queens
Dead rising carlito
thumb|300px|right|Overtime 4 - Time Bomb

Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE Carlitos plan Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE Carlitos plan (2)
Isabela stands in front of the equipment.

Isabela: This is all I need as far as supplies are concerned. Now all we need are some queens.

Frank: Yeah, uh... Listen... Just how long do you suppose your drug will prevent me from turning into a walking corpse?
Isabela: During my research, I was never able to conduct proper clinical studies.

Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE Carlitos plan (3)

Isabela: To a certain extent, the period of effectiveness depends on each patient's physiology. It could be a year... Maybe only a week... There's no way to tell for sure.
Frank: Fantastic! So, I'll be a walking zombie time bomb.

Isabela: A time bomb?

Frank: What?

Isabela sits down at the laptop.
Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE Carlitos plan (4)

Isabela: Once the drug's development was complete, Carlito poured his energy into starting an NPO dedicated to helping war orphans. We had 50 doses of the drug prepared. Not long after that... The NPO managed to find homes for a large group of children. Want to guess just how many?

Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE Carlitos plan (5)
Isabela shows Frank 50 names of people spread across the United States.

Frank: Oh my god... Are you saying he infected these kids and then gave them your drug? That he made 50 little ticking time bombs?

Isabela: I don't know... I just don't know! It is possible, though...

Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE Carlitos plan (6)

Frank: Look at this... New York City... DC... LA... These kids are spread all over the country! If your theory is right... The entire country could be crawling with zombies by now! I don't know what's worse - that we don't know for sure or that we can't warn anyone about this!
Isabela: Well, what we need to do right now is prepare the hormone and get you taken care of.

Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE Carlitos plan (7)



Isabela needs a generator
Dead rising isabela
Dead rising overtime mode generator script
Isabela: Oh, know. The generator's broken down. I can't work without power. There has to be a BACKUP GENERATOR somewhere. Carlito was using the CLOCK TOWER for storage. Maybe he left one there. Are you up to it, Frank? You need to check the CLOCK TOWER. I can't work without power.[2]

A cave under the clock tower cutscene[]

If Frank avoided the clock tower crash as recommended, this cutscene should start when Frank picks up the generator.

Helicopter crash creates a passage
Dead rising frank
Frank carefully walks through the wreckage of the helicopter and notices a hole in the clock tower where a helicopter crashed. In the hole is a zombie horde as far as the eye can see. Frank kicks a zombie in the face as it reaches for him.
Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE cave intro (7)

Frank: Dammit! Even if this thing leads out of here, I doubt these zombies will just let us walk right through.

Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE cave intro (5)
Frank kicks back another zombie out of anger as it reaches for him.


Dead rising helicopter crashed into clock tower (2)
Helicopter which crashes into clock tower
Dead rising helicopter crashed into clock tower (3)
Dead rising helicopter crashed into clock tower (4)
Dead rising helicopter crashed into clock tower (5)
Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE cave intro
Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE cave intro (2)
Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE cave intro (3)
Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE cave intro (4)
Dead rising cave cutscene zombies in hole
Dead rising overtime mode CUTSCENE cave intro (6)
Dead rising helicopter crashed into clock tower
Zombies in clock tower hole

Finding and delivering the generator[]

Dead rising overtime mode ITEM generator

The generator can be found on the opposite side of the base of the clock tower, facing away from North Plaza. Grab it and then quickly return to Carlito's Hideout

Returning the generator
Dead rising isabela
Dead rising overtime mode generator given
Isabela: Thank god you found a spare! Now I can get back to work. If all goes as planned, I should have just about all the equipment I need now... Bring me some adult queens and I can get started.[2]

Collect all queens
Tip icon
Anytime a queen is seen, stop and extract it. Frank is going to need a total of ten queens, and getting a head start goes a long way to getting this particular part of the mission done quickly.

Collecting ten queens[]

To finalize the suppressant, Isabela is going to need ten queens. Frank can give the queens he has already collected to Isabela immediately.

Dead rising overtime mode zombies return queens

The first thing that Frank will notice when leaving Carlito's Hideout is the zombies have conveniently returned.

The best place to collect queens is down in the maintenance tunnels. Run to the maintenance tunnels door in Seon's Food & Stuff. There is a delivery truck right at the entrance.

Drive slowly through the zombie horde, stopping near a zombie host. Keep an accurate count of how many Frank has given Isabela and how many are still needed.

PP Markers and switching weapons.
Tip icon
If Frank has the Weekly Photo Magazine to spot queens, remember that the green prestige point markers also represent humorous photo opportunities. Zombies pushing shopping carts and flammable propane tanks, as well as ones that fall over, also have green prestige point markers. As a visual backup, look for the zombies infected with Queens to be waving their hands over their heads. Also make sure and switch back to a weapon every time Frank collects a Queen. If Frank doesn't, the next time Frank attacks a zombie, he may mistakenly throw down a queen, losing it in the process.

When Frank has collected the prerequisite ten Queens, return to Carlito's Hideout and give them to Isabela. Once she has the last one, she's able to create the suppressant and inject Frank. She also informs Frank that she has created a pheromone that can repel the zombies, although she's not sure if and how long it will work.[1]

Preparation for the caves
Tip icon
Once Frank gives Isabela the tenth queen, they will leave immediately for the caves. So if you want to grab some food and items before, do it before giving Frank the last queen.

Giving Isabela the ten queens
Dead rising isabela
Dead rising overtime mode queen giving
Dead rising overtime mode queen giving (2)


One's not enough... I need at least 10. I can't extract enough of the hormone otherwise.


I'm afraid this still isn't enough... Bring me some more queens.


I'll need more. I'm sorry, Frank. I know it's dangerous out there, but you have to go back.


I finally managed to extract a bit of the hormone I need. Now, it's just a matter of getting enough of it together.


It'll take another five queens to give me enough of the hormone I'm after.


This is going pretty smoothly now, Frank. Keep up the good work.


I don't have the time now - but with the proper research - I should be able to make a sort of anti-zombie vaccine. There's hope if we can make it out of here.


Just a little more, Frank. Soon, we'll have all the hormone we need! I need you to bring back a few more queens.


It won't be long now... Just one more ought to do it! Go find one last specimen for me, Frank.


Cutscene when Isabela injects Frank.[2]

The first Zombrex cutscene[]

Isabela gives Frank the suppressant
Dead rising isabela
thumb|300px|right|Overtime 5 - Frank takes the suppressant.
Dead rising overtime mode syringe
Dead rising overtime mode syringe (2)
Isabela prepares a syringe for Frank.

Frank: You're gonna inject me with that, huh? Ok doc... Let's get this over with.

Isabela injects Frank with the drug.

Frank: At least I won't have to worry about turning into one of them for a while... Ok! Next on the agenda: Figure out a way to get the hell outta here.

Isabela: While I was isolating the hormone... I managed to identify a pheromone that suppresses the attack instinct in adult parasites.

Frank shakes his head.

Isabela: In other words, the zombies don't like the way it smells. If you give me a little more time, I should be able to produce some of this pheromone.

Frank: They think it smells bad? You think we could use something like that to keep them away from us? We could just walk right past them and get out of here!

Isabela: In theory, yes... Either way, it's certainly better than nothing.

Frank: There was a cave... Outside where the helicopter crashed. It was packed with zombies - I mean shoulder to shoulder. But it may lead somewhere outside. If it works... Your anti-zombie perfume... It could keep us safe in that cave. Whaddya say? You ready to get the hell outta here?

Isabela: There won't be enough of this pheromone to waste it on experiments... We'll only have enough to use it once.

Frank: Whatever you say.[2]

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