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Out Of Control  
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Japanese Tourists
Dead Rising Clown
Location Location icon  Wonderland Plaza
Psychopath Adam MacIntyre
Survivor(s) Greg Simpson
Starts Time icon  Day 1, Sept. 19, 9 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 2, Sept. 20, 11 am
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Small Chainsaw (x2)
Join Prestige points icon  15,000
Prestige points icon   30,000
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   20,000
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  The SPACE RIDER MACHINE in Wonderland Plaza looks like it's outta control. Maybe there's somebody out there. You wanna check it out?[1]
Notebook Clown presumably hired to entertain children[2]
Dead Rising Scoops

Out Of Control is a scoop in Dead Rising. The Wonderland Plaza Space Ride is running out of control, so Otis Washington sends Frank West over to find out what is wrong.

Adam introduction cutscene[]

Dead rising out of control control panel

When Frank examines the ride's control panel, a cut scene will play introducing the insane clown Adam MacIntyre.

This clown obsesses over the Space Ride that he worked at, and will not allow anyone to stop it.

Adam Introduces himself
Dead rising adam
Dead rising adam the clown
Frank stands next to the control panel and begins to stop the ride

Adam: Stay away from there gramps!

Adam stands and juggles his small chainsaws. Frank stands back.

Adam: Huh? Everyone used to laugh at me

Dead rising out of control adam (3)

Adam: I was a walking punchline.
Adam: Hahahahaha. But not anymore...

Dead rising out of control adam (4)

Adam: When the zombies came, everyone died!

Adam laughs and juggles his chainsaws.

Adam: That's why I decided to give all the happy people a lift on this fun ride.

Frank glances at a cart as it goes by, noticing some dolls with blood on them inside of one of the carts.
Adam: I won't let you stop the ride gramps! If the ride stops, then the zombies come back and that won't be any fun at all![3]

Battling Adam[]



Adam's Attack methods

Adam MacIntyre can attack Frank in four different ways.

Dead rising out of control adam blowing balloon Balloon When Frank is a distance from Adam, Adam will blow a balloon full of poison gas.
Dead rising out of control adam spinning with chainsaw (2) Spinning Adam will spin his chainsaw.
Chainsaw slice Adam will slice Frank with his chainsaw.
Dead rising adam the clown blowing fire destructoid com Blow Fire When Frank is near Adam will blow fire.
Dead rising out of control redux adam throwing knife Throw knives When Frank is a reasonable distance from Adam, he will throw knives.
Battling Adam
Dead rising out of control balloon exploding

At the start of the fight, Adam is on the far side of the Space Ride track. Head shots are effective against him, but the best tactic is to run out of the Space Ride station away from Adam and onto the second floor walkways around Wonderland Plaza. His dual small chainsaws are capable of doing a lot of damage, so Frank needs to keep a distance and shoot the balloons he inflates before he throws them at Frank; his balloons will damage him much more than almost any of your weapons can, with the bonus of stunning him for a few seconds to allow for a couple of more shots.

Glitch Adam

Make sure you have a sword and the criminology book from the book store around the corner. Run to the sports store and get Adam into the cashiers desk. He'll keep running. Keep attacking him with the sword as he sprints around. You'll be able to kill him without loosing any health!

Toy cubes

One strategy is to drop down into the children's play area below, and kick the toy cubes at Adam, using first-person view for increased accuracy. They will knock him over and allow Frank to get a couple of shots in before he retaliates with fire breath. Therefore, run after attacking Adam. Frank can also pick up one of the gumball machines and throw it at him.

Melee weapons

The sledgehammer's primary attack is good, as is using the Katana, Battle Axe or Sword.


Another strategy in to grab a big chainsaw from Crislip's at around 8:00pm. The problem is that it is a two handed weapon, so every time a zombie grabs Frank, he drops the chainsaw.

Rescuing Greg[]

Escorting Greg dialogue
Dead rising greg
Dead rising out of control key card

When Adam is defeated, stop the Space Rider to save Greg Simpson, who will open a shortcut between the Wonderland Plaza and Paradise Plaza restrooms.

Greg: Thanks! I was in some real trouble there. Are there any other survivors around?

Frank: There sure are. Everyone's in the Security Room. It's safe there.

Greg: The Security Room? I know a SHORTCUT there.

Dead rising japanese tourist and greg 6 greg behind near stairs
Dead rising japanese tourist and greg 5 greg behind pp

Greg stubbornly does not obey waypoint commands, will run ahead, and every few feet stops until Frank walks back to him.

Greg: This way! C'mon!

Dead rising japanese tourist and greg 7 bathroom
Dead rising japanese tourist and greg 8 bathroom 2

Once the shortcut is opened, Frank will be able to go quickly travel between Paradise Plaza and Wonderland Plaza without having to go through Leisure Park and being attacked by the Convicts.

In the Wonderland Plaza bathroom.

Greg: Just head through here and we're already at PARADISE PLAZA. Nice shortcut huh? That's as far as I can take you. You're on your own from here on out.[3]

Second small chainsaw and books[]

When Frank first defeats Adam make sure he grabs the Small Chainsaw, then stop the ride and grab the second small chainsaw.

When Frank is following Greg stop at Sir Book-A-Lot to grab the Criminal Biography book and have Yuu and Shinji join if Frank hasn't already.

When Frank goes through Greg's shortcut, (important in later missions, especially Medicine Run) go to Bachman's Bookporium and pick up the Engineering book along with the Entertainment book. Frank now has practically indestructible chainsaw, the books make it last 27x longer than normal.

Scoop expires[]

Dead rising day 02 1052 out control

Out of Control is about to expire at Day 2, September 20, 10:52 am.

Dead rising day 02 1100 out control

Out of Control expires on Day 2, September 20, 11:00 am. At the same moment, Otis calls about Restaurant Man scoop.




Dead Rising - Cutscene 18 - Crazy Clowns

Cutscene 18 - Out of Control.


Battling Adam[]

Bloody dolls[]

Adam killed cutscene[]


Adam in Overtime Mode (Infinity Mode?)[]

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