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Otis Washington
Dead rising otis
Location Location icon  Security Room
Notebook Aged mall employee.[1]
Age 67
Race Black
Voice Actor None[2]
Dead Rising Survivors

Otis Washington is a survivor in Dead Rising. He provides advice to Frank on the transceiver. if Frank's call is disconnected Otis will say:

Annoying Otis
Dead rising otis
Don't cut me off like that! It's rude! Anyway, here's what I was sayin'...[3]

Otis will then start all over. Many critics have found this annoying, but the Tranmissionary achievement is earned if Frank listens through all Otis's calls completely.

After the special forces arrive, a note left by Otis can be found in the security room. It reveals that he managed to escape, along with all of the survivors Frank had saved, by hijacking a military helicopter.


  • Unlike all the other main characters, Otis has no voice actor.[4]
  • According to several store overhead announcements, the shopping center was just about to celebrate its third anniversary. But in the bio of Otis Washington, the official Dead Rising Guide incorrectly states "Otis has been working at the Willamette Mall since it first opened in the early '80's."[5]
  • In Infinity Mode, Otis is the first person Frank meets. He is found on the Rooftop, he is hostile, armed with a Frying Pan and when killed, Frank finds a Raw Meat on his corpse.


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