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One Hit Wonder  
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Location Location icon  Slot Ranch Casino
Type Psychopath and rescue survivor
Psychopath Dead rising bibi Bibi Love
Survivor(s) Dead rising allison Allison Perkins
Dead rising cameron Cameron Welch
Dead rising juan Juan Lee
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 27 3 pm[1]
Expires Time icon   Day 4, Sept. 28 12 pm[1]
Join Prestige points icon  20,000 (Bibi),
15,000 (x3)
Prestige points icon   40,000 (Bibi),
30,000 (x3)
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One Hit Wonder is a Dead Rising 2 mission.


Music Composer Oleksa Lozowchuk stated: "There for some humor to be expressed when introducing certain boss battle/psycho characters. For example, in one of the 'el cheapo' casinos, the Slot Barn, there's a one-hit wonder Diva psycho who is trying so hard to make a comeback that it hurts. So I ended up writing a song for, and ad-libbing plenty of hilarious material with our actress, Patricia Drake, backing her up with a 80's type Casio-Disco track full of blasting horns, wah-guitar , slap bass and Moog synths. There was so much good material from the session, that it actually helped inform the psycho's character, and we included 8 or 9 versions of her 'hit' song in the game, all themed differently (hunger, eros, inspiration, comeback tour, etc.), and full of raunchy noises and hilarious commentary. Mixed with her leather apparel and styling, the washed up Diva's music ended up providing some memorable comic relief."[2]


watch cutscene. talk to her. Bring her a drink. escort everyone back to the safehouse.



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