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Oil Bucket
Dead rising Oil Bucket
Location Location icon  Crislip’s Home Saloon
Location icon  McHandy's Hardware
Lasts 35 hits
Enhanced by book BOOK Icon  Lifestyle Magazine in The Sinister Read (Entrance Plaza)
Dead Rising Weapons

The Oil Bucket is a weapon in Dead Rising.

Dead rising zombies falling on oil bucket

Frank can throw the oil bucket and zombies will slip and fall.




See also[]

The following weapons make zombies slip and fall if thrown (Tright + X):

Zombies slip multiple times
Dead rising Cooking Oil Cooking Oil
Dead rising Gems Gems
Dead rising Oil Bucket Oil Bucket
Dead rising Perfume Prop Perfume Prop
Works only once
Dead rising Gumball Machine Gumball Machine
Dead rising Pet Food Pet Food

Frank and survivors do not slip.

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