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This article is about the Dead Rising store, for the Dead Rising 2 store with the same name, see Ned's Knicknackery (Dead Rising 2).
Ned's Knicknackery
Dead rising Ned's Knicknackery
Location Location icon  Entrance Plaza
Type Antiques
Store number E205
Mission Antique Lover
Survivor(s) Dead rising floyd Floyd Sanders
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Battle Axe (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Katana (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Vase (x3)
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register
Dead Rising Stores

Ned's Knicknackery is the only antique store in Dead Rising. It is located in Entrance Plaza on the second floor. Floyd Sanders can be found in this store during the scoop Antique Lover which starts at Day 2, September 20, 5:00 pm.

Prestige point sticker[]

Dead rising pp ned's crown

There is a prestige point sticker on the crown in the center of store.


  • Description on the map page: Come take a leisurely stroll through yesteryear as you browse our wide selection of antiques collected from the four corners of the globe.
Dead rising ned's painting old woman
  • There is an old woman painting on the couch, exactly the same as the painting weapon, but this painting cannot be picked up.
Dead rising neds knicknackery entrance plaza ad

"Some things are too beautiful to be forgotten"
—Ned's Knicknackery wall advertisement in Entrance Plaza



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