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Natalie Meyer
Dead rising natalie
Location Location icon  Rooftop
Mission Love Lasts a Lifetime
Starts Time icon  Day 1, Sept. 19, 12 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 1, Sept. 19, 6 pm
Join Prestige points icon  5,000
Successful Escort Prestige points icon   10,000
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  Unannounced
Notebook Jeff's wife.[1]
Age 53
Race White
Dead Rising Survivors

Natalie Meyer is a Dead Rising survivor in the unannounced mission Love Lasts A Lifetime. She is found on the rooftop looking for her husband, Jeff Meyer. Frank will come across Natalie the very first time he passes through the air ducts and onto the rooftop.

Love Lasts A Lifetime[]

Frank first finds Natalie and Jeff on the rooftop. Jeff will run up to Frank and ask him if he has seen Natalie. Frank agrees to help Frank find Natalie. When they are reunited, Frank and Natalie can be escorted back to the security room.


In Infinity Mode, Natalie is found in the Warehouse. She is hostile, and armed with a Paint Can. When killed, she drops Corn.

Dead rising phography horror natalie

Taking a photo of Natalie Meyer's crotch garners horror points.


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