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Money Case
Dead rising money case
Location Location icon  Gemini Vargas during Win Some Lose Some mission
Location icon  Fortune City Hotel Rooftop
Location icon  Janus Razo during Janus Survivor mission
Lasts 15
Strength 2
Dead Rising 2: Weapons

The Money Case is a weapon in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. This weapon is unique in that it is unattainable unless Chuck kills the survivor Gemini Vargas. She uses this case as a weapon and drops it upon death. Although Gemini is the one who needs to be defeated to obtain the item, Chuck will also have to fight Fausto, as he is her husband and some of the money in the case most likely belongs to him.

Dead rising case 0 money case 800 dollars (2) Dead rising case 0 money case 800 dollars

After the case breaks it drops $800. Chuck can quickly open the case by throwing it. It will break immediately.




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