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Momma's Diner
Dead rising case 0 mommas diner
Location Location icon  Still Creek
Type Food
Store number PR109
Blender-small   Blender
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Ad Board (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Chef Knife (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Cooking Oil (2)
Dead rising attack icon  Cooking Pot (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Metal Garbage Can (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Pan (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Plates (3)
Dead rising attack icon  Round Potted Plant (1)
Dead rising attack icon  Serving Tray (3)
Dead rising attack icon  Stool (3)
Food Dead rising food icon  Bacon (2)
Dead rising food icon  Chili (2)
Dead rising food icon  Milk (1)
Dead rising food icon  Onion Rings (2)
Dead rising food icon  Orange Juice (2)
Dead rising food icon  Pie (2)
Clothing Dead rising clothing icon  Diner Waitress
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Momma's Diner is a restaurant in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Zombie waitresses (all with "Amy" name tags) are found in this restaurant. There is a save point in the bathroom.

Breaking the window with the tables allows the zombies to enter the restaurant. The zombies cannot enter the restaurant through the windows next to the counter.

Item Location Amount when broken Total
Dead rising Still Creek Casino Cash Cash on floor (1) In front of winning slot machine $200 $200
Slot Machine (Trouble with Turkeys) (1) Next to bathroom save door. The slot machine with the $200 in front of it can be played for a guaranteed win 5 times.

To play 5 times: $100 x 5 = $500

Winnings 5 times: $300 x 5 = $1500

$1500 - $500 = $1000 winnings

$200 each game $1000
Slot Machine (Trouble with Turkeys) (3) Next to bathroom save door. Break the three machines $300 each $900
Dead rising Cash Register (Dead Rising 2) Cash Register (1) On counter $400 $400
Grand total $2,500

Special Prestige Point Bonus[]

Dead rising case 0 mommas diner pan warming

Warming a Pan on the stove gives Chuck 1000 Prestige Points bonus.



Dead rising case 0 trouble with turkeys slot machine
Dead rising 2 case 0 mommas diner
Dead rising 2 case 0 zombie waitress mommas diner (2)
Waitress Zombie looking out the window.
Dead rising 2 case 0 zombie waitress mommas diner


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