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This article is about the Dead Rising store, for the Dead Rising 2 store with the same name, see Marriage Makers (Dead Rising 2).
Marriage Makers
Dead rising marriage makers
Location Location icon  Paradise Plaza
Type Jewelry
Store number P201
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register
Dead rising attack icon  Gems (∞)
Prestige points sticker(s) Prestige points sticker  On the vase in the center of the store
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Marriage Makers is a jewelry store in Dead Rising.

Prestige point sticker[]

Dead rising prestige points in marriage makers

On the vase in the center of the store, is a prestige point sticker.


  • Description on the map page: If you need a little romance in your life, look no further! We have what it takes to outfit you or your loved one in the finest jewelry.



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