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Mark Of The Sniper  
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Dead Rising Hall family
Location Location icon  Entrance Plaza
Psychopath Dead rising roger Roger Hall
Dead rising jack Jack Hall
Dead rising thomas Thomas Hall
Mission Mark Of The Sniper
Survivor(s) Wayne Blackwell
Starts Time icon  Day 2, Sept. 20, 5 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 12 am
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Sniper Rifles
Join Prestige points icon  25,000
Prestige points icon   50,000
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   15,000 each
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  I've spotted a guy in the COSMETICS SHOP in ENTRANCE PLAZA. Looks like he's tryin' to get outta there but someone's takin' shots at him. There must be a sniper positioned over there. He won't last long like that...[1]
Dead Rising Scoop

Mark Of The Sniper is a Dead Rising scoop with Roger Hall and his two sons, Jack and Thomas. All three are armed with sniper rifles.

Entrance PlazaThe Sinister ReadWallington'sSpringtree JewelsWomen's LibNed's KnicknackerySpecial GiftsShootingstar Sporting GoodsKicks For HerModern BusinessmanEstelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics (Entrance Plaza)Kathy's BoutiqueOutta SightIn The ClosetThe ShoehornLadies' SpaceEmerald'sRobsaka DigitalJamming JuvenileSecurity RoomEntrance Plaza Second Floor
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Halls notice Frank cutscene[]

Opening cutscene with the Halls
Dead rising thomas
A sniper scope follows Frank as he walks into Entrance Plaza

Jack: Looks like 72 yards... I can blow his head off clean from here. Can I take a shot, dad?

Roger: Getting' a headshot from here's no big deal Jack.

Roger: Think you can pull it off, Thomas?

Thomas: But, Daddy, he ain't no zombie. He's just a man!

Roger: Thomas! We're doin' this to survive. You know that.

Jack: Using a firearm for self defense is our god-given right as Americans, Thomas.

Roger: C'mon Thomas, shoot. Shoot him.

Jack: Shoot him, Thomas!

Roger: I said shoot him! Shoot him Thomas. Now. What you waiting for? Do it![2]

Battling the Hall Family[]


The Hall Family

Father Roger Hall is the best shot and should be killed first. The three men are slow. Frank starts at the other end of Entrance Plaza with the three on the upper level. They are totally helpless from up close, having a total lack of melee attacks. They will constantly run if Frank tries to hit them. Chase after the one that comes toward Frank, hitting him with a melee weapon. Their fire doesn't deal very much damage, and Frank won't get hit very often if he keeps moving. Frank must kill all three, even though Thomas was a bit hesitant in the cutscene.[3]

Melee weapons

The Small Chainsaw weapon is the best melee weapon to use. The antique shop Ned's Knicknackery on the second floor has battle axes. A lead pipe is also recommended.

When Frank chases them down, they split up. Sprint after Roger, the most deadly shooter, and when Frank get close enough, hack him to death. Kill Thomas last, because he is the worst shot. To melee the Halls, run behind them and attempt to match their speed. (If Frank doesn't have at least enough levels to have obtained the first speed upgrade for Frank, then this may be impossible.) When Frank gets out in front of the target, turn so that Frank swings in the direction they're heading and try to pop them with his weapon. This is difficult to time properly since they'll still be moving, but when you get the hang of it you should be able to do it fairly consistently. [3][4]

One recommendation is that soon as the cutscene is over, turn around and run up the stairs behind Frank. Stay to the left side of the walkway and run in the direction towards the Hall family. Duck into the Shootingstar Sporting Goods. Since the Hall family can't see Frank now, they should run in front of the store so they can continue to attack Frank, this is when Frank can hit them with a powerful melee weapon.[5]


A shotgun or Sub-machine Gun works well against these psychopaths. Shotguns are probably best since they can be fired without reverting to aiming mode while Frank is chasing down the snipers, and will still usually hit due to their spread. Each time a sniper is hit, he'll pause for a second, allowing you to take more careful aim and try to get a headshot.[3]

One suggestion is to run up the stairs. Duck into a store if they start to shoot at Frank. The safest way to hit them is to get behind a column, just like the Case 2-2: Rescue The Professor battle with Carlito, shooting them in aiming mode. They will move each time Frank hits one, so Frank will have to readjust his aim behind the column quite frequently. After Frank has killed one he can pick up the dead psychopath's Sniper Rifle and easily take down the other two while he hides behind a column. [6]

Sniper rifle
Dead rising Sniper Rifle

Take cover from the sniper fire as soon as the cutscene ends by ducking behind a column. Wait a moment until there's a break in the fire, then run up the escalator to the second floor. Run into the In The Closet (E214) store, break out the window, and start firing at their heads. All three men should be in front of Special Gifts (E206) on the second floor. Firing the Sniper Rifle and using its magnifying scope is similar ft shooting photos with the camera. Hold down Tright to access the scope, and then use B and A to zoom in and out, X fires.

Snipe all three men from inside the store. Each time Frank shoots one, wait a moment for him to move and change position. Since they move so much, if Frank attempt to fire a second time, it's extremely likely that he will miss and waste a shot. It's possible that they will target Frank, but chances are they won't be able to get a clear shot on him from his position inside.

Concentrate on sniping one family member at a time. This way, Frank can collect their Sniper Rifles when they die in order to replenish his ammunition stores.[7]

Dead Rising quickstep


Quick step and untouchable juice

Drinking a quick-step/untouchable juice combination is a great way to get past the zombies on the lower level to the psychopaths.


Grab the bike from the downstairs Sports High run the snipers down. The bicycle does good damage and is reusable.[3]

Photo opportunity[]


Prestige Points   


After one of the Hall's shoot Frank, Jack and Roger will celebrate and that is when the PP icon appears. Frank must keep all three of them together to get this shot.[6]

Rescuing Wayne[]

Enter Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics - the store with the pink sign next to the escalators - and talk to Wayne, he will join Frank.

Conversation with Wayne[]

Conversation with Wayne
Dead rising wayne
Before Frank defeats the snipers

Frank: You ok, buddy?

Wayne: W-Who are you?

Frank: My name's Frank. I've come to help you. Can you follow behind me?

Wayne: But... There's SNIPERS out there. They'll shoot anything... zombies... people. If we go out there, they'll fire on us for sure!

Frank: At this distance, we should be fine. We'll just have to run really quickly.

Wayne: No way... I don't feel like dyin' today.

After Frank defeats the snipers

Frank: You still alive?

Wayne: What happened to the snipers?

Frank: Don't worry about them. I took care of it. No one's gonna shoot you now.

Wayne: Really?

Frank: We should get moving before some other weirdos show up and replace the snipers. Let's go.

Wayne: I was waitin' for a tough guy like you to take care of business! Get me outta here, man![2]


  • There is no cutscene when the three snipers die.
  • The entire second floor of the Entrance Plaza has no zombies on it during and after this scoop.



thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 30 - Mark of A Sniper

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