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One Man's Trash
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The Looters are psychopaths in Dead Rising 2.

The Looters make their first appearance in Roy's Mart when Chuck is attempting to find Zombrex for Katey in the beginning of the game, during Zombrex 1. Like the Raincoat Cult members in Dead Rising, Chuck will get a 500 prestige point bonus for every looter he kills.

The official guide described looters as:

"Immoral men are also present in the quarantine zone, seeking to plunder whatever they can get their hands on...aside from their speed and aggression, they aren’t much more challenging than zombies."[1]

The looters in the four Pawnshops will sell Chuck their "ill-gotten" goods after Chuck speaks to one in the mission One Man's Trash. Every other looter Chuck meets will attack Chuck.

Looters always come in groups. They always have a Flashlight, Tomahawk, or Crowbar, which may switch to spray paint if they get close enough to Chuck.

An easy way to kill the Looters is use the Defiler.

Chuck being knocked unconscious[]

If a looter sprays Chuck’s face in spray paint, Chuck will be knocked unconscious by the next hit while blinded, no matter how much health he may have. Chuck will then awake in the nearest restroom, having lost all of items, including his clothes.[1]

Other sites incorrectly state that Chuck loses money when he is knocked unconscious. Chuck loses no money, only his clothes and items.


It is not yet certain whether these locations are completely random or set at a certain time period

  • During Zombrex 1
  • At 4:00 am, Day 2, September 26, there are two groups of three on each level of SporTrance in the Royal Flush Plaza.
  • At 11:47 am, Day 2, Sept. 25 and again in another game at 2:00 am, Day 2, Sept. 26, there are five looters who make a triangle around the playboy sign next to In the Closet and The Dark Bean in Royal Flush Plaza. As Chuck gets near, they attack. In addition there are six other green spray paint cans around the Zombrex Playboy sign, for a total of seven spray paint cans.


  • The Raincoat Cult also knocked Frank unconscious with spray, taking all of this items, including his clothes.
  • Zombies will eat dead looters.



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