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Leon Bell
Dead rising leon bust
Location Location icon  Platinum Strip
Mission Meet the Contestants
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Slicecycle
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   20,000
Notebook Chuck's competition on Terror Is Reality. An obsessed former fan, now determined to beat Chuck at the ultimate death match.
Age 28
Race White
Dead Rising 2 Survivors

Leon Bell is a Dead Rising 2 survivor and Psychopath in the alternative side mission Meet the Contestants. Leon takes unfair combat to a new level by attacking Chuck while on his Slicecycle, which will butcher Chuck from 3 of the bike's 4 sides just by Chuck running into them.

He's predictable, as he drives obvious paths and will inevitably stop to taunt Chuck. Alternatively, tricking him into crashing is also an option. He's not stupid, though, and he won't even try to get to reach Chuck if he is unreachable.

Killing him grants access to his trailer, where Chuck can modify bikes and access a plain green dirtbike for faster travel down the strip.

An easy but very stupid way to kill him is to make Knife Gloves and wait outside of the railing near the info booth with the Zombrex poster and jump inside when he gets pretty close to you, then hop out and slice him carefully, he will back up and hurt you with his chainsaws. Repeat until dead.



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