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Dead rising las vegas on horizon (2)

Possibly Las Vegas on the horizon in Case Zero. Looking through the Sniper Rifle.

Las Vegas was the largest city in Nevada. In 2008 the city was overrun by zombies. At the height of the outbreak the death toll was estimated at over on hundred thousand, and as many as a one million people may have been infected.

In response, the military set up a fifty mile perimeter outside Las Vegas. They had "shoot to kill" orders for anyone off the main roads. Military and government personnel screened everyone at the roadblocks before allowing them to leave the quarantine area.[1]

The United States government later bombed the city and Las Vegas burned to the ground. The type of bomb used is unclear.[2][3]

Fortune City was built in its place.[3]


Chuck Greene, his wife, and their daughter Katey were living in Las Vegas when the outbreak occurred. Katey's mother was infected, turned, and then bit Katey on the arm.[4] Chuck and Katey fled the city and ended up in Still Creek, where the events of Case Zero occur.




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