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Large Barrel
Dead rising Large Barrel
Location Location icon  The Dirty Drink (4)
Location icon  Food Court - Wild West Grill House (6 on porch) (7 on awning) (F101)
Location icon  Food Court Upper Platforms
Location icon  Silver Strip Atlantica Casino Rooftop
Location icon  Yucatan Casino Main Floor
Location icon  Yucatan Casino - Baron Von Brathaus
Lasts 10
Strength 2
Cannot be placed in inventory
Dead Rising 2 Weapons

The Large Barrel is a weapon in Dead Rising 2and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Dead rising case 0 large barrel on zombie (2) Dead rising case 0 large barrel on zombie

Holding X will trap the zombie in the barrel, the zombie will be incapable of attacking Chuck.

Like the acoustic guitar this weapon is used as a melee weapon to damage zombies, and also a weapon to incapacitate zombies. Unlike other weapons which incapacitate zombies, making them stumble around in circles, the zombies in barrels will follow Chuck.

Zombies which are knocked over fall out of the barrel, they will then stand up and attack Chuck again.

Hitting the barrel with a weapon like the spiked bat breaks open the two ends of the barrel.




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