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Knight Armor
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Location Location icon  "Justice Served" Achievement (Complete Overtime Mode)
Dead Rising 2 Clothing

The Knight Armor is clothing found in Dead Rising 2. When combined with the Knight Helmet, Knight Boots and the Full Beard and Moustache, this armor replaces your yellow health blocks with metallic blocks. When damaged, the armour falls off, leaving your character in his underwear.[Verification needed]

Knight Armor Locations[]

Knight Armor[]

Finish the game with an S Rank Ending

Arthur's Helmet[]

Rescue Jack in Welcome to the Family, then beat him in poker in Ante Up

Knight Boots[]

Available for purchace at Moe's Maginations, for 2,000,000 dollars (1,600,000 if you have both the economy magazines in your inventory).

Full Beard Mustache[]

In the Wave of Style store located in Royal Flush Plaza.

Note: Each armor piece will be available from your locker in the Safe House after they are obtained for the first time.


The Knight Armor is based on another one of Capcom's game series "Ghosts and Goblins" where the protagonist Sir Arthur has similar looking armor that breaks apart after one hit causing him to continue the fight in his underwear, which have a heart print very similar to the pair that Chuck wears.

Thankfully the Dead Rising 2 version isn't nearly as fragile, though when the armor finally does break, Chuck is similarly left in his underwear taking normal damage.


The Knight Boots can be obtained for free using the following exploit:

  1. Earn 2,000,000 dollars.
  2. Save the game in any available slot.
  3. Purchase the boots at Moe's Maginations
  4. Save the game in a different slot that the one used in Step 2
  5. Quit the game and reload using the save game slot from Step 2 (The one that still has the $2M+ in it)
  6. If all goes well you should STILL have the $2M and the boots availalbe from your locker.
  7. See the Walkthough Video @ 3:57 for more details.

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