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Kindell's Betrayal  
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Dead rising kindells mutiny
Location Location icon  Security Room
Survivor(s) Dead rising kindell Kindell Johnson
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 21, 12 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 5 pm
Prestige points Prestige points icon  10,000
Dead Rising Scoops

Kindell's Betrayal is a Dead Rising scoop. Kindell Johnson is unconvinced that Frank will be able to lead the survivors out of the Mall, and is organizing a group of survivors to attempt a separate escape. Convince him to wait at least until Frank's helicopter is supposed to show up, and Frank will avert a mutiny.

The security room is accessed from Paradise Plaza.
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There must be at least 3 survivors in the room with Kindell for Otis to call about this scoop, as is the case with all of the other request and mutiny scoops.[1]

If Frank doesn't talk to Kindell, Kindell will leave with all of the survivors with him in the room with the green door:

  1. Dead rising jeff Jeff Meyer,
  2. Dead rising natalie Natalie Meyer,
  3. Dead rising leah Leah Stein,
  4. Dead rising josh Josh Manning,
  5. Dead rising barbara Barbara Patterson,
  6. Dead rising rich Rich Atkins,
  7. Dead rising gordon Gordon Stalworth,
  8. Dead rising jennifer Jennifer Gorman
  9. Dead rising gil Gil Jiminez, and
  10. Dead rising wayne Wayne Blackwell.

Conversation with Kindell[]

Conversation with Kindell
Dead rising kindell
Kindell: It's pointless to sit on our hands here waiting for a helicopter that may or may not even show up. We have enough people to do this. We should make a break for the main exit. They can't stop us all!

Frank: Hey! That's crazy talk and you know it! Don't get these people riled up like that!

Kindell: You're the crazy one! You must believe in the tooth fairy if you think that helicopter's coming! Anyone who can buy into something like that with no proof is a fool!

Frank: And how do you plan on getting' out of here, huh? Enlighten me.

Kindell: We gather as many weapons as we can from inside the mall then we make a break for it in the daytime. Once we're out, we can hotwire us a few cars from the parking lot and hightail it out of here. We're not all gonna make it. I realize that, but that's just the price we have to pay.

Frank: Sorry to rain on your parade, pal, but you won't be able get past the National Guard's barricades.

Kindell: What? The National Guard's involved?

Frank: No doubt about it. I saw it all from the sky. Unless you plan on riding a tank out of here, I'm afraid you're stuck in Willamette.

Kindell: Yeah... but...

Frank: Alright, I've got a plan. Just wait here until noon tomorrow. If the helicopter shows that's our ticket out of here. If it doesn't I'll hand the reins over to you. You can decide what we do next.

Kindell: Noon tomorrow huh? I won't wait any longer than that. Got it.

Frank: Sounds like a plan, partner.

Kindell: Everyone listen up! The plan's been altered! We'll delay it until noon tomorrow afternoon. Sorry for any confusion.[2]


Kindell's notebook entry ironically states: "Reliable and trustworthy".[3]


See also[]

This is one of several request/mutiny missions:

Request/Mutiny Time Requirement
1 Dead rising ronald Ronald's Appetite Time icon 6 pm Day 2 Any Food
2 Dead rising floyd Floyd The Sommelier Time icon 1 am Day 3 Wine
3 Dead rising kindell Kindell's Betrayal Time icon 12pm Speak with Kindell
4 Dead rising paul Paul's Present Time icon 5 pm Speak with Paul for Molotov Cocktails
5 Dead rising simone Simone The Gunslinger Time icon 7 pm Handgun
6 Dead rising cheryl Cheryl's Request Time icon 8 pm Photograph Cheryl

Except for Ronald's Appetite, all of these missions take place on the third day and involve Frank returning to the Security Room to assist survivors he has already rescued. Each is worth 10,000 Prestige Points.


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