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Kent Swanson
Dead rising kent
Mission Cut From The Same Cloth
Photo Challenge
Photographer's Pride
Survivor(s) Tad Hawthorne
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Jump kick
Dead rising attack icon  handgun
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  You said you're a journalist, right? I've been watching the monitors here and I got some info you might want. There's some young guy wanderin' around in Paradise Plaza. He's carrin' a camera like you. I guess he must be a photographer, too. Takin pictures at a time like this...You're both crazy![1]
Notebook Cocky young photographer.[2]
Age 24
Race White
Voice Actor Marty Belafsky[3]
Dead Rising Psychopaths

Kent Swanson is a Dead Rising psychopath in three scoops.


  • If Frank hits Kent he will say:
    • "Knock that off, I am a pacifist.",
    • "Don't touch me! I'm a pacifist. You tryin' to kill me or something?",
    • "Dammit! What's wrong with you!? Dick!",
    • "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Take a picture, dammit!"
    • Kent will then follow Frank or shoot at Frank until he hits him once.
    • There are two results of Frank giving pictures to Kent: If they're good, Kent will applaud you, if they're bad, he'll just laugh in your face and run off (Which will leave a "Lost" prompt on his notebook entry).When Kent is first encountered he will make a very loud and disturbing laugh before triggering his first cutscene. Before Otis Washington tells you about Kent There is a %25 chance that he will be dead/sleeping and you can shoot him for whatever reason.


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