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Jill's Sandwiches
Dead rising jills sandwhichs
Location Location icon  Paradise Plaza
Type Restaurant
Store number P104
Mission Restaurant Man
Survivor(s) Ronald Shiner
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Baking Ingredients
Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register (x3)
Dead rising attack icon  Cleaver
Dead rising attack icon  Condiment (x2)
Dead rising attack icon  Cooking Oil (x3)
Dead rising attack icon  Dishes (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Frying Pan
Dead rising attack icon  Potted Plant, Big
Dead rising attack icon  Stool (x11)
Dead rising attack icon  Stove
Food Dead rising food icon  Baguette (x4)[1]
Dead rising food icon  Orange Juice (x2)
Dead rising food icon  Pie (x4)
Dead rising food icon  Oven
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Jill's Sandwiches is a Paradise Plaza restaurant in Dead Rising. The scoop Restaurant Man takes place here on the second day, September 20 at 11:00am. Ronald Shiner barricades himself in the store, similar to how Burt Thompson and Aaron Swoop barricaded themselves in the scoop Barricade Pair.

The food will no longer be in this restaurant during and after the "Restaurant Man" scoop.

Prestige point sticker[]

Dead rising pp paradise plaza (4)

There is a prestige point sticker on the sign outside of the store.


  • The store name is a reference to Jill Valentine, a major character in Capcom's zombie video games Resident Evil. In the original game, Barry Burton says "You were almost a Jill sandwich!" after Jill is nearly flattened by a trap. The slogan is also a reference to one of Barry's quotes, where he refers to Jill as "the Master of Unlocking."[2][3]



  1. The food will no longer be in this restaurant during and after the "Restaurant Man" scoop.
  2. Paradise Plaza,
  3. Burch, Anthony. The ten most meaningful videogame quotes of all time, Destructoid, (February 4, 2008). Gamers are no strangers to horrible, horrible dialogue; whether we're getting haphazardly-translated Engrish from our friends in the Orient or simply suffering from lazy writers, awful dialogue and videogames tragically tend to go hand in hand.

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