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Jessie McCarney
Dead rising jessie
Location Location icon  Security Room
Notebook DHS agent.[1]
Age 25
Race caucasian
Voice Actor Laura Napoli[2]
Dead Rising Survivors

Jessica (or Jessie as her family and coworkers call her), is a Dead Rising survivor. She is Department of Homeland Security Brad Garrison's rookie DHS partner, charged with watching the monitors for information on the person/people responsible for the outbreak. As Brad's subordinate, her expertise is in computers and electronics, rather than fieldwork and combat. An introvert in the classic sense, Jessica likes to keep to herself and buries herself in her work and computers, spending more time concentrating on cases than personal relationships. She's extremely "book-smart" and knows a lot stuff, but her lack of social skills can get her in trouble from time-to-time. As second-in-command for the Willamette incident, this is her chance to prove herself to her superiors back at HQ.[3] Like Brad, she is distrustful of Frank, and patronizes him for being a civilian.


  • Jessie is the only main character who can earn you "Erotica" pictures if you take a photo of her breasts or skirt.


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