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Jed Wright
Dead rising case 0 jed mugshot
Location Location icon  Brockett Gas Station
Mission The Mechanic
Starts Time icon  Between 7 pm and 8 pm
Expires Time icon   8 pm
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Boomstick
Notebook Underskilled local mechanic for town of Still Creek. Lifelong hunter, always looking for new trophies.[1]
Age 35
Voice Actor Brian Dobson[2]
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Survivors

Jed Wright is a Dead Rising 2: Case Zero survivor.[1]

Trivia and Notes[]

First encountered when giving your daughter Zombrex between 7 and 8 P.M., Jed states that he wants to, "add her to his collection". You hold him off while she hides out in the junkyard, and a boss fight with Jed, "The Mechanic", begins.

Fighting him with standard melee weapons proves highly difficult, and an all out gun fight is ill-advised, so a good strategy is to hide behind cover, wait till he searches for your daughter, and take shots at him with any ranged weapon.

Several propane tanks are found in the area, and can be used to explode and damage Jed when shot.

If you need health, the garbage bags scattered around can be thrown to reveal recovery items, though some may be spoiled.

Attacks included a melee pitchfork stab, a stab into the air followed by several shotgun blasts, and just standard gunfire.

Good areas to find firearms: Quarentine Zone (Assault Rifles), Sheriffs Office (Pistols, Shotgun), and the roof of the gas station (Sniper Rifle).


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