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Jason Wong
Dead rising case 0 jason mugshot
Location Location icon  Parking lot behind Uncle Bill's Department Store
Mission Handle With Care
Starts Time icon  3 pm
Expires Time icon   9 pm
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Handle Bar
Join Prestige points icon  1,500
Prestige points icon   3,500
Notebook Extreme sports adrenaline junkie. Found behind Bill's Department Store.
Age 27
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Survivors

Jason Wong is a Dead Rising 2: Case Zero survivor. He is found battling zombies in a parking lot behind Uncle Bill's Department Store with Archie. Jason is using handlebars as a weapon, which is one of the five required items for Case 0-4: Find Bike Parts. When Chuck asks him for the handlebars, he demands a Broadsword in return.[1]


  • Jason Wong is what could be described as a big fan of Chuck Greene, as is Archie.



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