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Introduction (helicopter ride)
Dead rising beginning cutscenes (2)
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This is the first article about the introduction, see also Introduction (Entrance Plaza) and Introduction (Love Lasts a Lifetime).
Dead rising copter 1

Ed DeLuca and Frank West in the helicopter.

Photojournalist Frank West knows he's on to something big and is willing to take great risks to get the scoop. He charters a helicopter to take him over the town of Willamette Colorado that has become the source of great mystery since all communication with its population was cut off and the military blocking off the town.[1]

Introductory cutscene[]

Introductory cutscene
thumb|300px|right|First cutscene: Frank and Ed in helicopter
Dead rising copter (2)

Willamette, Colorado. Population: 53,594.

Dead rising copter

Military personnel in front of a barricade sealing off a bridge to Willamette.

September 19 - 11:27 AM

A helicopter flies over Colorado. Photojournalist Frank West kneels near the back door of the helicopter and takes pictures.

Ed DeLuca: Say, buddy... You mentioned somethin' about research for a story.

Frank West: That's right. I got a tip that somethin' big is happening.

Ed: In a nowhere little town like that? They sure didn't mention anything about it on TV...

Frank walks over to Ed

Frank: Yeah, well I'm freelance pal. I don't make my living waitin' for the TV to tell me what to cover.

Frank pats Ed on the arm.

Ed: Hahaha!

Ed: Here she is. Hahaha! Willamette, Colorado. Population: 53,594.[2] Distinguishing characteristics: Jack shit! Hahahahahaha! About the only thing to do in this town is kill time at the shopping mall.

Frank holds up his camera and zooms in on some military personnel in front of a barricade sealing off a bridge to Willamette.

Ed: What was that? The army?

Frank: Looks like taking a helicopter was the best way to go. I bet they've got all the roads blocked off by now.

Frank walks over to Ed
Frank: Alright listen... I want to get shots of the whole town before the National Guard finishes roping it off. Take me over the main street.[3]

Snapping photographs[]

See Frank's Photos for an explanation of how to take photos.

As the helicopter flies over the city of Willamette, zoom in with the camera's viewfinder and focus on the carnage along Main Street.

Take pictures that get Frank the most Prestige Points. The highest Prestige Point are with some kind of action in the shot. There are five high point prestige point photo opportunities that Frank can photograph from the helicopter. Since Frank can only take 30 pictures, keep each photo opportunity to a maximum of six shots.[4]

Make sure to completely empty your camera roll, because Frank gets a fresh camera battery automatically when he lands on the mall roof.[5]

Don't pause the game[]

If you press Start in an attempt to pause the game during this sequence (or any cut scenes), you will skip it altogether, being taken to the next gameplay segment. Only click Start if you want to pass this portion over, because you cannot pause taking photos from the helicopter.[4]

Photo opportunities[]

thumb|300px|right|Dead Rising "Perfect" Walkthrough - Helicopter It is recommended that you take pictures on the ride so you can earn some valuable prestige points which allow Frank to gain levels.[5]

Photo opportunity one: Three zombies feast[]

Dead rising location of first photo op and second photo op

Location of first photo opportunity in relation to the second photo opportunity

Dead rising 3 zombies feasting close up

Three zombies feast

The first photo opportunity is on the perpendicular sidewalk just before the next photo opportunity of a man on a white car. Zoom in and center the three zombies feasting on what appears to be the remains of another human being. Snap up to six shots. Keep in mind the prestige points for this photo opportunity are low, only up to 104 points.[4]

Up to 104 points

Prestige Points   

Up to 104 points

Three zombies feasting

Photo opportunity two: Car zombie attack[]

100+, up to 384

Prestige Points   

100+, up to 384

Man on top of a car

Dead rising man atop white car close up

Car zombie attack

A man is on top of a white car surrounded by zombies. The helicopter hovers over this location long enough for Frank to snap six pictures. Keep the man in the center of the viewfinder and zoom in close, but not too much that you cut off any of the action.[4]

The helicopter flies over a person that is fighting off zombies from the top of a car.

Ed: Woah! What is that... Some kind of riot?

The zombies drag the person off the car and start to attack him.

Ed: Is this what you came to take pictures of?[3]

Frank: Sure is.

Photo opportunity three: Surrounded school bus[]

Up to 260

Prestige Points   

Up to 260

Surrounded school bus

Dead rising surrounded bus close up

Surrounded school bus

A school bus is surrounded by zombies. The helicopter hovers over for a few moments, giving you plenty of time to snap up to six shots before moving on.[4] Zoom in for more prestige points.

The helicopter flies by a bus surrounded by zombies

Ed: No way! Check that out... Look at all those people. What the hell's happening here?

Frank: I have no idea... But one thing's for sure. Whatever's going on down there... It's not business as usual in this town.

Ed: Woah![3]

Photo opportunity four: Gas station explosion[]

600 - 981

Prestige Points   

600 - 981

Get a picture of the gas station right when it explodes.[5]

Dead rising gas station explosion close up

Gas station explosion

Dead rising perfect photo of gas station

Gas station explosion

A distance up the street pass the bus is Tornado gas station. Keep the gas station centered in the viewfinder, which is difficult because the helicopter is moving. Be ready to snap a photo. An explosion destroys the station, igniting all of the zombies nearby in a gigantic ball of flame. If you are fast enough, you can take a photograph just as the gas station explodes, then take another five of the flaming zombies stumbling from the destruction.[6]

As the helicopter flies by a gas station it blows up.

Ed: Ughhhh! Holy shit! You see that?

Frank: Yeah.

Ed: I'm gonna take her up for a sec.

Frank: Take us down! We have to check out that building.

Ed: Huh... Where?

Frank: Right below us.[3]

Photo opportunity five: Survivor falls to her death[]

Up to 650

Prestige Points   

Up to 650

Survivor falls to her death

Dead rising woman falling to her death close up

Survivor fighting on building

The final photo opportunity is on top of the roof of the C.W. Factory warehouse. A woman is encircled by zombies and she has nowhere to go. Try and take the photos when the woman is:

  1. shooting the zombies with her handgun,
  2. waiving at the helicopter for help, or
  3. being attacked.

Save at least one or two shots for the grand closing finale when a zombie grabs her and she falls to her death.[6]

A picture of the zombie falling off the edge, you can get 600+ Prestige Points. If Frank is fast, a picture of the woman and a second zombie falling, is worth high prestige points also.

Empty your camera roll on this last photo opportunity, because Frank gets a fresh camera battery automatically when he lands on the mall roof.[5]

The helicopter flies down next to C.W. Factory warehouse
Continued immediately after last dialogue:

Ed: Ohhhhh.

Frank: I want to see the center of town. Take me there.

Ed: Roger.

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