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Introduction (Entrance Plaza)
Dead rising beginning of game zombie breach (4)
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This is the second article about the Dead Rising introduction, for the first, see Introduction (helicopter ride) and the last, Introduction (Love Lasts a Lifetime).

Landing on the mall roof[]

Frank spots a Heliport on the rooftop of the Willamette Mall and asks the pilot Ed to drop him here and come back to get him in three days. Before the helicopter can touch down, three military choppers appear and attempt to push the helicopter away from the mall. Ed gets close enough for Frank to jump out before flying off.[1]

Helicopter Cutscene
thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 2 - Helicopter Dropoff
Frank kneels in the helicopter, taking pictures of a mall below. He notices a heliport on the roof.

Frank: Hey! Can you get me on the rooftop of that mall?

Ed: You gotta be kiddin' me? Awww... man. You are nuts.

Frank: Alright, listen... Don't forget to come back for me!

Ed: As long as you're not dead, Fred.

Frank: It's Frank... Frank West. Remember that name cause the whole world's gonna know it in three days when I get the scoop.

Three military helicopters surround the helicopter

Ed: Huh? Woah!

Frank: Get us back down to that rooftop!

Ed: I know I'm gonna get my butt chewed out for this one. We're goin' down!

The helicopter drops toward the rooftop and Frank jumps from the helicopter.[2]
Dead rising beginning flying into mall (3)
Dead rising beginning cutscenes (3)
Dead rising beginning flying into mall (4)
Dead rising beginning cutscenes (7)
Dead rising beginning cutscenes (4)
Dead rising beginning cutscenes (5)
Dead rising beginning cutscenes (6)
Dead rising beginning flying into mall (2)
Frank jumping from the helicopter onto the heliport
Dead rising beginning cutscenes (8)
Dead rising beginning flying into mall

Franks meets Carlito[]

On the Heliport, Frank encounters Carlito for the first time, a mysterious man who is not very forthcoming with information.[1]

Carlito welcomes Frank
thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 3 - Carlito's first appearance
A man walks up to Frank

Carlito: Hello there! You're the reporter aren't you?

Frank: Yeah... uh...

Carlito: You came... alone?

Frank: Yeah! I'm freelance. You know... Go into the battlefield alone... No crew. So, uh... What's goin' on around here anyway?

Carlito: You came by helicopter didn't you? What did you see from the sky?

Frank: Well... If it were just a riot... I doubt the military would quarantine the entire area. The moratorium on information getting out is a little... extreme... in my opinion. There's uh... Somethin' else I can't put my finger on. Doesn't sound like civil disobedience... It's too quiet.

Carlito: Hmm, he, he, he. Almost as if... everyone's already dead.

Frank: Yeah... So, why don't you just tell me already? What's goin' on?

Carlito: I think you'd better see for yourself. This, my friend... is hell![2]
Dead rising carlito at beginning (2)
Dead rising carlito at beginning
Dead rising IGN carlito inrtoduction

Security Room[]

After speaking with Carlito, head through the gray doorway to Carlito's right and go down the stairs to the mall's Security Room.

Dead rising security room (3)

At the bottom of the stairs is a green couch where you can save your game when the "save" Save icon action icon appears.

Dead rising security room Dead rising secruity room

The Security Room is comprised of a set of smaller rooms. For the duration of the game, this area is a safe house where Frank can return Survivors and get a temporary respite from the zombies in the mall. At the moment, all the secondary rooms are empty and devoid of any useful items.[3]

Dead rising secruity room janitors room

Walk through the red door at the end of the small hallway, which is labeled "Janitor's Room" on the glass.

Dead rising monitor at beginning of game caught womans death by zombies

Examine the surveillance monitor for a short cutscene.[4][5]

Dead rising secruity room yellow door

Then walk through the yellow security room door.

Dead rising secruity room door to entrance plaza hallway

Walk through the door on the right marked "Staff Only."

Dead rising secruity room warning on door to entrance plaza hallway

Warning on door to Entrance Plaza hallway.

Dead rising hallway to entrance plaza beginning of game

This door opens into a long hallway, which takes Frank out into the Entrance Plaza of the mall.[4]

Zombie breach in Entrance Plaza[]

thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 4 - Madonna thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 5 - Zombies

Building the barricade[]

Dead rising isabela beginning of game

Frank sees Isabela for the first time.

Inside Entrance Plaza, there are more survivors barricading the front entrance to keep the zombies out. The leader of the group, an older man named Ryan LaRosa, informs Frank about the zombies and orders Frank to help by gathering large items for the barricade in the back.[6]

Prestige points icon

Taking photos of the survivors earns Frank extra Prestige Points.

If Frank approaches each of the eleven survivors, he can listen in on their conversations.

Walk toward the back of the Entrance Plaza near the gate, where there is a pile of furniture for the barricade.

Introduction to Dr. Barnaby[]

Before Frank picks anything up for the barricade, an old man on the other side of a shutter yells at Frank, but Frank doesn't have any time to respond as the crazy old woman opens the main doors to get to her dog, letting the zombies into the mall. A man shows up on the floor above and orders everyone to run and follow him to safety.

Dead rising russell
thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 6 - A Crazy Old Man
Frank leans down to get some objects for the barricade and notices a mysterious old man passing by on the other side of the gate in the middle of the plaza

Frank: Huh?

Frank holds up his camera and takes a picture of the old man

Dead rising beginning cutscenes (14)

Barnaby: You! Stop right there. Do you have any idea what you've done. Why did you summon me to this place!? What are you planning!?

Barnaby pokes his cane through the bars at Frank

Frank: Will you calm down! I don't even know what you're talking about!

Barnaby gets disgusted and walks away as Frank approaches the bars

Frank: What the-?

Frank turns around as he hears the zombies growing restless at the entrance[2]


Zombie breach
Dead rising lindsay
Video of the cutscene. thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 7 - Zombies Breach

Dead rising beginning cutscenes (15)

Lindsay: Madonna! My Madonna is out there! Ohhhhhh!

Lindsay starts to move the barricade.

Freddie: What are you thinking?

Chris: Knock it off!

Chris grabs Lindsay but she pushes him off.  ???? tries to stop Lindsay but she pushes him back

Dead rising beginning cutscenes (16)

Lindsay: Wait, baby! I'm saving you baby. Wait for me sweetie! Madonna! Madonna!

Lindsay moves the barricade and opens one of the doors

Lindsay: Madonna!

Dead rising breach first zombie in

The first zombie through the door.

Zombies break through the doors and pull Lindsay between the doors. They begin to enter the plaza. The zombies start to crowd around Lindsay. Freddie gets attacked by a zombie as they continue to enter the plaza through the open door. Freddie yells as the zombie rips open his neck.

Brad rushes out from the Security Room door on the second floor
Dead rising beginning of game zombie breach (2)
Dead rising IGN introduction entrance plaza

Brad: What in the hell are you people doing!? Run! Quick! Move! Get over here! Everyone! Move this way! Quick! To the stairs! Mooooove!

Frank turns his attention toward the horde of zombies entering through the door.[2]

Running to the stairs[]

Dead rising weapons for beginning entrance mall

Weapons which Frank starts next to, after the cutscene.

Further information: Weapons, which explains how to fight.

As soon as the cutscene ends, grab as many of the food and smaller one hand weapons that Frank can hold, and start running through the horde of undead to either staircase.


  • Run along the walls, because there are often less zombies along the walls.
  • As Frank approaches a zombie, Frank can jump to avoid being grabbed.
  • Focus on running to the stairs instead of killing zombies. Frank is weak at the start of the game and there are too many zombies which will quickly surround Frank.
  • Frank cannot kill all the zombies because the zombies will continue to respawn when Frank moves away from a section of the entrance.
  • You can smash the 2 trash cans near the pile. Which has a chance to drop a Handgun or a Hunting Knife.
  • Although a bit risky, You can go over to Brian Reynold's body below the right stairs and pick up his shotgun, which will be useful early game. You'll probably lose health from the zombies, so keep some Snacks handy.
  • None of the eleven survivors are savable.

Return to the security room[]

Frank is introduced the main characters here, Otis Washington, Brad, and Jessie. The entrance plaza door is blow torched shut, and will not be reopened until 10am, September 22, the last two hours of 72 Hour Mode.[7]

Introduction to Otis and Jessie
Dead rising jessie
thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 8 - Otis the Janitor
Frank opens the door and walks into the Security Room and notices the people inside

Frank: Huh?

Otis closes the door to the Security Room

Brad: Where are the others?

Frank: I don't know. I hope they got away.

Brad looks toward Otis then nods his head to him. Otis nods back then turns around, grabs a blowtorch, and starts to seal off the entrance to the Security Room.

Frank: No.

Brad: As long as those things are in the mall, we better not use this door.

Brad puts his head against the air duct

Frank: Uh, what are you doing?

Brad: The air ducts. They'll get us back into the mall. And apparently, those things aren't smart enough to use the ducts. So they won't be a factor.

Frank: Wait a minute... You want to get back in there? What for?

Brad opens the air duct door and looks around inside of it. Brad crawls inside.

Frank: Hey! Hey!

Frank throws his arms into the air and looks toward Jessie as she leans against the air duct and stares back at Frank
Dead rising IGN jessie introduction

Jessie: Nice camera... Are you a photographer?

Frank: As a matter of fact, I am. Frank West, photojournalist.

Frank puts out his hand to shake. Jessie extends out her hand as she speaks

Jessie: Could you show me some pictures Frank?

Frank drops his hand and gives her his camera. Jessie immediately takes the camera and looks through the pictures on the camera viewer.

Frank: You really seem to know what you're doing.

Jessie: Who are you guys, anyway?

Jessie is suddenly surprised by the picture of the old man that Frank took in the Entrance Plaza

Frank: And what are you...

She holds up the camera then lowers it

Frank: I took that one near the entrance. That guy do something?

Jessie pauses.

Jessie: Nope. Thanks for showing me though.

Jessie gives Frank back his camera and starts to walk away.

Frank: Hey, we're not done talking yet. Just who are you guys?

Jessie: I'm Jessie. The man you saw earlier is Brad. That's all I'm authorized to tell you.

Jessie enters the monitor room[2]

Frank can save his game on the green couch, before leaving through the airduct to the rooftop.

Frank loses all his health[]

If Frank loses all his health in Entrance Plaza, he will awake in the security room on he couch.

Frank awakes on the security room couch
Dead rising otis
Dead rising beginning saving survivors (8)

Dead rising beginning saving survivors (9)

Frank: You...You save me?

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Introduction (Love Lasts A Lifetime).


  • Before the zombies breach the mall, Frank can walk up the stairs and explore the entire Entrance Plaza, although all the shops are locked and there are no additional items to pick up.
  • In the cutscene, Ryan LaRosa is seen carrying a small propane tank, but there is no propane tank outside of the cutscene.
Dead rising bug survivors
Dead rising beginning saving survivors (10)
  • Frank can push Ryan LaRosa away from the door so that his hand is not on the glass anymore, but it is still up.

Rescuing Alan and Kathy[]

When the zombie breach occurs, Kathy will slowly stumble to the stairs with Alan following her. Alan and Kathy can get up the stairs past the zombies, but their profiles will still show dead when Frank returns to the security room.

Dead rising beginning saving survivors (13)
Dead rising beginning saving survivors (14)
Dead rising beginning saving survivors (12)
Dead rising beginning saving survivors (15)
Dead rising beginning saving survivors (16)
Dead rising beginning saving survivors (17)
Dead rising beginning saving survivors (18)


Monitor Cutscene[]

Entrance plaza[]

Unsavable survivors[]

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