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Zombrex 1
Dead rising 2 zombie letterman jacket
Survivor(s) Dead rising adrianAdrian Lee (killed)
Dead rising aliceAlice Paynter (killed)
Dead rising andreaAndrea Brenser (killed)
Dead rising chrystalChrystal Kennedy (safe house)
Dead rising drakeDrake Danton (killed)
Dead rising helenHelen Bonner (killed)
Dead rising irwinIrwin Sagehorn (killed)
Dead rising jeremiahJeremiah Eckland (killed)
Dead rising kaleeKalee Timmons (killed)
Dead rising kateyKatey Greene
Dead rising kirbyKirby Wilkinson (safe house)
Dead rising lanceLance Pennington (killed)
Dead rising lucasLucas Pontremoli (killed)
Dead rising luluLulu Barra (safe house)
Dead rising noahNoah Hawthorne (killed)
Dead rising patPat Berkson (killed)
Dead rising raymondRaymond Sullivan
Dead rising shaunShaun Wexler (killed)
Dead rising staceyStacey Forsythe
Dead rising tomTom Ebersole (killed)
Dead rising tyroneTyrone King
Dead rising wadeWade Coopwood (safe house)
Dead Rising 2 Cases
Goal icon
Dead rising 2 case 0 into FIND KATEY words

Find Katey and escape the arena

Dead Rising 2 opens up with Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey in the Fortune City Arena. A series of cinematics make it clear that Chuck is a contestant on Terror Is Reality XVII: Payback, competing for money towards his daughter's much-needed doses of Zombrex. The player must finish a round of TIR before advancing on towards the open world of Fortune City.

Whether the player come in first or last only affects the amount of reward money they receive. In either case, characters still remain "disappointed" in Chuck's performance, as they all know he does not enjoy competing. After he washes up and changes, Chuck goes looking for his daughter as well as some more Zombrex. The elevator is disabled from a sudden explosion and Chuck crawls out into the zombie-infested hallways behind the arena.

The player must find Katey, who is hiding in a locker in the Green Room, and escape the arena in search of the Safe Room. After leaving the arena, a cutscene follows of Chuck and Katey making it to the Safe Room and meeting some key characters of the game, including Stacey Forsythe and Raymond Sullivan. Chuck quickly realizes that he has no Zombrex, as there is no supply in the Safe Room, and Katey will need some soon.



Dead Rising 2 First 20 Minutes P1

Dead Rising 2 first ten minutes 1 of 2

In the locker room before the game[]

Preparing for the competition
Dead rising chuck
Chuck is looking over his motorcycle with Katey watching. A TIR employee walks in.

TIR employee: Hey, Hey! You're on in two minutes Mr. Greene.

Chuck: My name's Chuck.

TIR employee: Yeah, yeah. Look, I need you to sign this release form before you go out there.

TIR employee: And don't forget to include your next of kin.

Chuck: Her name is Katey.

Chuck: Can you take her somewhere safe?

TIR employee: I'll take her to the green room.

Chuck: Go with the nice man, Katey. Don't worry.

Chuck: I won't be long.

Title screen

In the arena[]

Terror is reality
Dead rising chuck
Chuck is on his motorcycle lined up with other players.

Leon: Hey, buddy. I heard you lost your wife in Vegas.

Leon: I guess you suck at killing zombies, otherwise she'd still be around!

Chuck: Save it for the show, shithead.

Announcer: Zombies took our Willamette! They took our Las Vegas!

Announcer: But tonight, America, we're going to get a little payback!

The platform Chuck and other players are on lifts up.

Announcer: Welcome, everyone, to Fortune City, Nevada!

Announcer: America's entertainment playground!

Announcer: And now it's time for America's most dangerous game show!

Announcer: It's time for…

Announcer: Terror is reality!

Announcer: And here's your host, Tyrone King!

Tyrone King: Well America!

Tyrone King: Are you hungry for a little terror!

Tyrone King: Because tonight, we're gonna give it to you!

Tyrone King: I've been poking these zombies all week,

Tyrone King: And man, are they pissed!

Tyrone King: Our contestants are almost ready.

Tyrone King: So let's send them a little message!

Tyrone King: You've gotta be willing to risk it all if you're ever really gonna…

Tyrone holds up microphone to the stadium.
Audience: WIN BIG!

Terror is Reality game award[]

Chuck wins
Dead rising tyrone
Terror is Reality game begins. Chuck wins

Tyrone King: Alright! Let's wipe 'em off and hose 'em down. Let me hear it people!


Tyrone King: And show some love for out winner tonight!

Tyrone King: He's a hero! He's a survivor! He's…Chuck Greeeeeene!

Tyrone King: He risked it all, and now he's taking home the big money!

Twin blonde: I was hoping for a better ride from you, Chuck…

Twin brunette: …but maybe you just don't know how to handle the tight curves.

Tyrone King: But we just getting started, people! The carnage is just beginning.

Tyrone King: So right now, let me hear you make some noise!

Load screen for 48 seconds

In the locker room after the game[]

CURE news report
Dead rising chuck
TV newscaster: …the problem and are examining the diets of different farms.

TV newscaster: This seems to have only compounded the problem which have

TV newscaster: been linked to the beef shortages in local areas.
TV newscaster: The zombie rights group CURE is in the news again.
TV newscaster: The protest group have shown up in the adult playground of Fortune City,
TV newscaster: which was chosen as the site of the latest installment of the
TV newscaster: pay per view game show, Terror is Reality.
TV newscaster: The protest just compounds the problems of the game show,
TV newscaster: which has been plagued recently by tumbling ratings and controversy.
TV newscaster: CURE was on the site of the show to display their opposition
TV newscaster: to what they call the unethical treatment of zombies,
TV newscaster: Stacey Forsythe,the leader of the Nevada branch of CURE, had this to say
Stacey Forsythe: Let our government know we will not stand
Stacey Forsythe: for their systematic neglect of the infected!
Stacey Forsythe: we must take drastic action now!
TV newscaster: Public opinion in mixed on the groups views,
TV newscaster: which are sometimes seen as radical.
Average Citizen: This is a joke, right? Why you want to save those "things"?
TV newscaster: Stay tuned. Coming up right after the break, we've got weather and sports.

Chuck looks at his money winnings. Another player comes in and sits next to him.

Anim White: Doesn't feel very good, does it?
Anim White: I lost my family in Willamette. I'd rather just have them back.

Chuck stands up and walks next to another man getting dressed.

Chuck: Hey, do you know where the green rooms are?

Shirtless man: Yeah. Take the elevator up a floor and then straight down the hallway.

Shirtless man: You can't miss it.
Load screen for 10 seconds

Travel to the Green room[]

After the introductory cutscene, Chuck is in the locker room.

Player has control. Chuck needs to walk to the green room.

Prize money acquired, $10,000 for first place. Fulfillment bonus 5000 PP.

Chuck walks past Amber on the way to the green room.

Amber: Well who do we have here?

Chuck arrives at the elevator. A cutscene begins.

Load screen for eight seconds.

Chuck is taunted by the twins[]

Chuck is playfully taunted by the twins.
Dead rising amber
The twin brunette Crystal walks out of the elevator.

Crystal: The ladies were a little disappointed in your .... performance tonight, Chuck.
Crystal: But you must get that a lot.

Crystal walks to Amber and Chuck enters the elevator. He raises an eyebrow as the elevator door closes

Chuck: Goodnight ladies.

The elevator begins to move. There is elevator music as Chuck looks at the advertisement for Zombrex on the left. Suddenly the elevator jostles and Chuck loses his footing.
load screen.

Chaos in the arena[]

Zombie outbreak
Dead rising chuck
Chuck slowly regains his sight. There is an alarm and people are screaming. The elevator is between floors, the elevator door is opening very slightly then closing repeatedly.

Chuck: Katey.

Chuck pries the elevator doors open. People are running.

Man in Letterman jacket: Oh, god. Oh, god. she got me. She got me...

The man in the Letterman jacket stops hunched over, then becomes a zombie, turns and growls at Chuck.

Chuck: Oh, no.

The zombie in the Letterman jacket stumbles to Chuck, who is lifting himself out of the stopped elevator. Before he reaches Chuck another person bumps into the zombie and he pounces on this person.
Load screen for 12 seconds.
Fortune City Arena: FIND KATEY. Player has control of Chuck

Find Katey[]

Dead rising 2 case 0 into find katey

Chuck's goal is to find Katey.

Dead rising 2 intro elevator shaun is dead weapons
Dead rising 2 case 0 intro fire ax tom

When Chuck gets out of the broken elevator there are several weapons next to the elevator:

At the least, pick up the Fire Axe and Baseball Bat.

Chuck can watch Shaun Wexler and Tom Ebersole be devoured by zombies through a metal barrier to his right. Like all of the survivors in the introduction, there is ultimately nothing Chuck can do to save these survivors.

Dead rising 2 into alice tom is dead corridor

Run down the hallway towards Alice Paynter.

Identical to the Dead Rising introduction, as the zombies kill survivors, there is a screen notification of their death.

Dead rising 2 intro handbag corridor
Dead rising 2 intro electric guitar next to alice

There is a handbag in the corridor. Handbags have either $100 or Handguns inside. Since the handgun is a weak weapon, ignore the handbag.

There is also an Electric guitar further along in the corridor.

Dead rising 2 case 0 into turn right corridor

Chuck will pass several other items including folding chairs

Pass Alice Paynter and turn right.

Dead rising 2 intro corridor fire extinguisher taking
Dead rising 2 intro fire axe second in corridor

Just to the right of the corridor is another Fire Axe just below a Fire Extinguisher on the wall. The fire extinguisher will freeze zombies for 30 seconds.

Dead rising 2 intro green room

Run down the hallway to the green room on the left.
A cutscene begins.

The green room[]

Chuck is reunited with Katey
Dead rising katey
Chuck bursts into the green room.

Chuck: Katey?

Chuck: Katey? Katey!

Chuck sees a zombie eating someone next to Katey's backpack. He runs over and pushes the zombie off.

Chuck: Get off her!!

Chuck realized the zombie was eating a man, he picks up Katey's backpack, then opens the closet. Katey bursts out swinging an object.

Katey: GO AWAAAY!!!

Chuck: Katey! It's me! It's daddy!

Katey: It's happening again, isn't it? Like what happened when Mommy…

Chuck: Shh, hey Katey, Katey, listen to me. You need to stay calm, ok?

Chuck: We need to get out of here. So hang on tight.

Katey looks behind Chuck and sees a zombie. Katey screams. Chuck picks up Katey in his arms.
Load screen for 8 seconds

Escape the arena to the emergency shelter[]

Dead rising intro carrying katey kick instructions start
Dead rising intro carrying katey

After the cutscence Chuck is carrying Katey.

The ticker tape at the bottom announces that Chuck can Press X to kick while carrying Katey.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (14)

Chuck is nearly invincible while carrying Katey as long as he keeps moving. Zombies will stagger if he runs by them while carrying Katey. Chuck will really only get hit if he stops.

Run out the door.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (2)
Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (3)

As Chuck runs towards the double doors, survivor Irwin Sagehorn stumbles through the doors, pursued closely by a zombie. Run through the double doors with the blue arena lobby sign above.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (4)
Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (5)

Press X to kick while carrying Katey.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (6)

Follow the hallway as it curves.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (9)

To Chuck's right are several vending machines. Ahead is the arena, with the survivor captions Pat and Jeremiah.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (7)
Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (8)

Remember Chuck can kick X while carrying Katey.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (10)

Run through the hallway and into the arena. Avoid protracted battles with zombies and keep running.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (11)

In addition to Pat Berkson and Jeremiah Eckland, there is Lucas Pontremoli, Adrian Lee, Andrea Brenser, Lance Pennington, Kalee Timmons and Helen Bonner being attacked in the Arena. Chuck's destination is on the left, past the barricades.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (12)

Run past the barricades.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey out of arena (15)

Past the barricades are some stairs. Beyond the stairs is Chuck's destination, the exit doors to the Platinum Strip.

Dead rising 2 case 0 justin tv intro carrying katey arena (13)

Press B to open the exit doors. The final introductory cutscene begins.

Running to the shelter[]

Load screen for 27 seconds.
Safety in the shelter
Dead rising chuck
Chuck sees the chaos on the strip, with several fires and zombies eating people.

Chuck: Oh, no, not again.

Chuck: Hold on tight, Katey.

Chuck runs through the chaos with Katey in his arms.
Man with gun: Get to the safehouse!
Katey points to the Fortune City Emergency Shelter

Katey: Daddy!

Chuck stands at the top of the stairs leading down to the shelter doors.

Chuck: We're gonna have to take our chances in there, kiddo.

Chuck and Katey rush into the shelter just as the doors close.
Load screen for 21 seconds.

Entryway to the emergency shelter[]

Safe house survivors
Dead rising chuck
Chuck puts Katey down in the shelter.

Chuck: It's going to be okay now, Katey.

Short haired middle aged woman: I can't get a signal. Why? Why can't I get a signal?

Fat man wearing a Terror is Reality Fortune City t-shirt (talking to himself): she, she was looking right at me, and they had her,

Fat man: and I, I couldn't do anything.

Fat man: She went down without a sound and I, I had to get outta there,

Fat man: I just... ran.

Woman off screen: This is horrible, horrible!

Chuck and Katey turn around as they hear the sounds of the undead through the doors, everyone else turns towards the doors also.
A second set of doors opens revealing an older bearded man in a US Fortune City Security (FCS) jacket. The survivors hurry through the door, with Chuck, holding Katey's hand, coming in last.

Security officer: Whoa whoa whoa hold on a second, son.

The security officer looks down at Katey's arm, which has a bite mark.

Chuck: Listen, it's an existing condition, alright? It's ok - it happened a long time ago.

Security officer: It's only a matter of time before she turns.

Chuck: Hey, don't worry. I've got Zombrex.

Security officer: Yeah, well you'd better have a lot.

Security officer: Because there ain't none here, and the rescue ain't comin' for three days.

Chuck: Three days?

Security officer: Yeah, the reserves will already be mobilizing,

Security officer: but their first priority is to quarantine the city. And that takes time.

Security officer: They'll enter the city at first light three days from now.

Security officer: That's the standard procedure.

Chuck: So we're stuck here?

Security officer: There's a couch in the security room - why don't you take her in there, it's quieter.

Chuck: Thanks.
Load screen for 12 seconds.

Security room and Stacey Forsythe[]

Katey and Chuck sit down in the security room.
Stacey volunteers to help
Dead rising katey
Katey: We don't have any Zombrex, do we?

Chuck: I was gonna get some right after the show.

Chuck: We still have time.

Katey: Where you gonna get it, dad?

Chuck: You let me worry about that, ok kiddo?

Stacey Forsythe: I know where you can get some.

Chuck: How long have you been listening?

Stacey Forsythe: Don't worry. I won't say anything.

Stacey Forsythe: I think there's a pharmacy in the Royal Flush Mall.

Stacey Forsythe: I'm Stacey Forsythe, by the way.

Chuck: I'm Chuck and this is Katey.

Chuck: Do you know a way out of here?

Stacey Forsythe: No. but if you find one, I suggest you take this.

Stacey Forsythe: That way we can keep in touch.

Stacey gives Chuck a transceiver.

Stacey Forsythe: There's closed circuit cameras all over the city.

Stacey Forsythe: these monitor are playback only, but I will keep an eye on them.

Stacey Forsythe: Chuck... if you find anyone alive out there...

Chuck: I'll do what I can.

Chuck: Keep an eye on my daughter, okay?

Chuck picks up a map of Fortune City.

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