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Weapon one
Box of Nails
Dead rising Box of Nails
Weapon two
Propane Tank
Dead rising Propane Tank (Dead Rising 2)
Dead rising I.E.D
Prestige points Light attack Swing -100 per kill
Heavy attack Impale - 50 per impale (see article)
300 per explosive blast hit
Dead Rising 2 Weapons
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The I.E.D. (Improvised Explosive Device) is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, made by combining these items:

  1. Box of Nails
  2. Propane Tank

This weapon is an exploding gas can full of nails.[1]

The impaling heavy attack of the I.E.D. involves Chuck sticking the I.E.D. canister onto a zombie's back. While it is lodged into a zombie's back, Chuck can shoot the I.E.D. with any weapon to make it explode. The explosion will kill any surrounding zombies for 300 prestige points each. The explosion has some extreme range, so make sure to get far away from the zombie with the I.E.D. lodged into it before shooting or Chuck will take damage from the blast.[2]




Dead rising 2 IED Ambush
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Dead rising 2 case 0 ied case zero uncle bills maintenance room
Dead rising I.E.D (2)


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