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Hot Excitorama
Dead rising Hot Excitorama
Location Location icon  Silver Strip
Type Hat
Store number N110
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register
Dead rising attack icon  Gift Shop Lamp
Dead rising attack icon  Handbag
Dead rising attack icon  Hanger
Dead rising attack icon  Mannequin Female
Dead rising attack icon  Mannequin Male
Dead rising attack icon  Massager
Dead rising attack icon  Stool
Clothing Dead rising clothing icon  Blue Oyster Biker Outfit
Dead rising clothing icon  Flip Flops
Dead rising clothing icon  Go-Go Boots
Dead rising clothing icon  Mesh Party Wear
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Hot Excitorama is an adult sex shop in Dead Rising 2.


"Whatever turns you on we're bound to have something that'll get you hot under the collar. In fact, you'll go wild with excitement as soon as you lay eyes on our huge selection of adult apparel and movies." -- Fortune City Website Advertising.[1]


Dead Rising 2 Hot Excitorama
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