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High Rollers  
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Location Location icon  Atlantica Casino poker room
Type Rescue Survivors
Survivor(s) Dead rising jessica Jessica Howe
Dead rising jacob Jacob Skinner
Dead rising nevada Nevada Slim
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 27 1 am[1]
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 27 1 pm[1]
Prestige points icon   + $1,000,000
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Goal icon
Pay $100,000 to join the poker game, and beat all three players in Texas Hold ‘Em and be awarded $1,000,000. Escort the three back to the safe house.

High Rollers is an unannounced Dead Rising 2 mission. Jessica Howe, Jacob Skinner, and Nevada Slim are in the poker room in the Atlantica Casino. It costs $100,000 to buy into the game. Chuck must beat all three players in Texas Hold ‘Em to get the three to join. Chuck will also be awarded $1,000,000 for beating them and then Chuck can escort them back to the safe house.[1]


  • Ante Up, the gambling mission with rescued survivors, only costs $25,000 to join.



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