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Dead rising PANORAMA heliport COMPLETE

Panorama of the Heliport . Note Carlito Keyes next to the entrance to the mall.
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Dead rising heliport
Location Location icon  Paradise Plaza
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The Heliport, often referred to as the helipad, is the first mall location Frank is able to explore in Dead Rising after Frank West jumps from Ed DeLuca's besieged helicopter.

Frank first meets Carlito Keyes on the heliport at the beginning of the game.


Frank jumps onto the heliport after Ed DeLuca's helicopter is aggressively approached by three black helicopters. Ed agrees to pickup Frank on September 22 at noon, which is the end of the 72 Hour Mode. Frank then meets Carlito Keyes here. The heliport plays no important role until September 22 at noon, when Frank needs to be on the helipad for the "A" 72 Hour Mode ending, which leads to 24 hours more of gameplay (overtime).

Game ending[]

To finish 72 Hour Mode with Ending "A" Frank must be at the heliport at the end of 72 Hour Mode, by noon on September 22nd. Make sure Frank stands on the helipad itself, on the yellow "H", just to play it safe. Now Frank needs to patiently wait until 12:00 Noon.[1][2]

Infinity Mode[]

Several aggressive survivors, including psychopath Brock can be found on the heliport during Infinity Mode.


From the security room green save couch, ascend the stairs to this gray metal door.


Dead rising stores map bios (2)
  • The heliport is the highest point of the mall, having its own map on the map screen, listed as "3F", or the third floor.
  • Description on the map page: Only authorized Personnel Admitted.



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