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Gun Shop Standoff  
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Dead rising gun shop standoff more (7)
Location Location icon  Huntin' Shack in North Plaza
Survivor(s) Dead rising alyssa Alyssa Laurent
Dead rising brett Brett Styles
Dead rising jonathan Jonathan Picardson
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 21, 1 am
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 5 pm
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Shotgun, Jonathan Picardson
Dead rising attack icon  Hand Gun, Alyssa Laurent
Dead rising attack icon  Machinegun, Brett Styles
Join Prestige points icon  30,000 each
Prestige points icon   60,000 each
Dead Rising Scoops

Gun Shop Standoff is an unannounced scoop in Dead Rising. In Dead Rising:Chop Till You Drop it was given the name Gun Shop Standoff.[1]

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Walk into the Huntin' Shack and survivors Alyssa Laurent, Brett Styles and Jonathan Picardson will start shooting at Frank; turn around and go back out, and they will realize you're human. Jonathan will come to the door to see if Frank is alright - talk to him.

Dead rising air vent opening rooftop

If Frank has taken a photograph of the rooftop air duct into the Security Room the trio will join Frank.

Trigger happy
Tip icon
If Jonathan Picardson is still talking to Frank, and has not agreed to join yet, and Frank starts to walk towards Alyssa and Brett behind the counter, the three of them will resume firing. Brett will also hit Jonathan in the crossfire. Also, watch out for friendly fire from these three, if Frank is standing between them and a nearby zombie, he will be shot.


Brett Styles is carrying a machinegun, the only time a machinegun is available in 72 Hour Mode. If you want this gun, give Brett a food or weapon item and he will drop the machinegun.

Conversation with the gun shop trio[]

Conversation with the trio
Dead rising jonathan
Dead rising Gun Shop Standoff (6)

Brett: Kill it!

Alyssa: Brett! Here comes another one!

Brett: Kill it!

Alyssa: Eat this!

Run out the door

Brett: Wait!

Jonathon runs to Frank

Jonathan: You still breathin' there, buddy?

Alyssa: Are you alive?

Jonathan: You've got some real balls man. You got some business with us?

Frank: There's a helicopter coming. It'll be here on Friday. I thought you might want a ride. Come with me, and you'll be out of this hell in no time.

Jonathan: Where's it supposed to land? There's zombies everywhere!

Alyssa: Zombies everywhere!

Frank: There's a heliport on the roof, over in the Entrance Plaza.

Jonathan: But the Security Room door's sealed! Sealed tight! A dead end! I saw it! I know what I saw!

Frank: There's a duct on the roof of Paradise Plaza. It's a straight shot to the Security Room from there.

Alyssa: Sounds fishy to me!

Jonathan: Will you shut up for once, Alyssa!

Jonathan: Not that I trust you completely either, man. Brett! What do you think?

Brett: How bout some proof?

Jonathan: You heard the man. Go find your DUCT and take a picture of it with the camera you got there. Then we can talk.

Give a picture of the rooftop duct to Jonathan.

Frank: Feast your eyes on this.

Jonathan: Looks kosher to me! Brett!

Brett: Let's do it! Lead the way man.[2]


  • There is extra food on the gun shop counter which is only here during this scoop, including 2 melons.



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