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Gemini Vargas
Dead rising gemini mugshot
Location Location icon  The Dirty Drink
Mission Win Some Lose Some
Gemini's Gems
Starts Time icon  After rescuing Dick Jones
Expires Time icon   4 pm
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Money Case
Join Prestige points icon  1,000
Prestige points icon   3,000
Notebook A newly rich housewife. Found in the Dirty Drink bar.
Age 38
Race White
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Survivors

Gemini Vargas is a Dead Rising 2: Case Zero survivor.[1] She is found with her husband Fausto Vargas in The Dirty Drink in the mission Win Some Lose Some.

If Chuck speaks to Gemini in the Brockett Gas Station auto yard after saving her she gives Chuck a sidequest to collect some gems from the roadblock near the Quarantine Zone. See the unofficially named Gemini's Gems.


Although Gemini shows the "Give item" icon, Gemini refuses to drop her money case. If Chuck attempts to give her an item, she will wave her hands and say one of the following verbally:

  1. "Not happening!"
  2. "You're kidding!"
  3. "Forget it!"
  4. "Yeah right!"

If Chuck continues to attempt to give Gemini an item, Gemini will continue to wave her hands, but there are no corresponding verbal messages.


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