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Frying Pan
Dead rising Frying Pan
Easter egg 2 After the frying pan has been heated pressing down X when Frank attacks a zombie will sear the zombie severely, leaving a black burn mark.
Location Location icon  Jill's Sandwiches
Location icon  Colombian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza
Location icon  Colombian Roastmasters in Al Fresca Plaza
Lasts 30 hits
Dead Rising Weapons
For the Dead Rising 2 weapon, see Pan.

The Frying Pan is a weapon in Dead Rising.

The frying pan is used to club enemies. Frank can also put the frying pan on a stove and heat it up.

Dead rising zombie seared by frying pan

By holding X Frank can melt off zombie's faces with a hot frying pan, for a one-hit kill.

Dead rising Frying Pan 2

Heated frying pan

Stove prestige points[]

Every time Frank uses a stove he is awarded 2,000 prestige points. If Frank uses all stoves he is awarded an additional 10,000 prestige points.[1]

Locations of stoves:

Store Plaza
Dead rising stove colombian roastmasters Colombian Roastmasters Paradise Plaza
Dead rising stove jill's Jill's Sandwiches Paradise Plaza
Dead rising stove colombian roastmasters al fresca plaza Colombian Roastmasters Al Fresca Plaza
Dead rising stove That's A Spicy Meatball (4) That's a Spicy Meatball! Food Court
Dead rising stove That's A Spicy Meatball (2) Chris' Fine Foods Food Court




  1. Off, Greg (August 7, 2006). Dead Rising Official Strategy Guide. BradyGames. , p. 120. , The Official guide incorrectly refers to the prestige point bonus as "Range Cooked".

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  • The Oven (microwave), which also gives Frank bonus prestige points.

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