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Robot Bear
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LMG (Light Machine Gun)
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The Freedom Bear is a Dead Rising 2 combo weapon, made by combining:

  1. Robot Bear[1]
  2. LMG (Light Machine Gun)

This combination results in a turret-like weapon. When Chuck sets Freedom Bear down on the ground, this toy will then come to life, shooting at any and all zombies around him. Best used in congested areas.

This combo weapon has been described as:

"He may look like a cute and cuddly bear, but he's actually an automatic sentry gun. Plop him down and he'll be your buddy, protecting the area and looking adorable."[2]


  • When combined the bear somehow gets a Rambo-Style headband. The headband is a reference to Rambo.



Dead Rising 2 Gameplay 12 (Freedom Bear)

Freedom Bear



  1. Rubenstein, Jeff. Dead Rising 2 E3 Interview, PlayStation Blog. (June 2010). Interviewing Producer Mike Schmitt. Quote: "My favourite is the Freedom Bear. If you take a jumbo teddy bear and combine it with a machine gun, it turns into a sentry with a Rambo headband that you can place in congested areas, and it will mow down zombies with machine gun fire for what seems like hours."
  2. Frushtick, Russ. 'Dead Rising 2' Combo Weapons Guide - Duct Tape Is Your Friend, MTV. (August 31, 2010).

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