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Floyd Sanders
Dead rising floyd
Location Location icon  Ned's Knicknackery, Entrance Plaza
Mission Antique Lover
Floyd The Sommelier
Starts Time icon  Day 2, Sept. 20, 5 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 2, Sept. 20, 12 am
Join Prestige points icon  25,000
Successful Escort Prestige points icon   50,000
Otis's call Dead rising transiever  I spotted an old man. He's in the ANTIQUE SHOP in ENTRANCE PLAZA. It's weird... He seems awfully calm considering the circumstances.[1]
Dead rising transiever  Frank! Remember FLOYD? The old guy. He says he wants some WINE. He seems to think it'd be a good way to calm people's frayed nerves a bit. Bring some back to the Security Room, would ya?
Notebook Antique enthusiast.[2]
Age 69
Voice Actor Bill Farmer[3]
Dead Rising Survivors

Floyd Sanders is s Dead Rising survivor hiding in Ned's Knicknackery in the scoop Antique Lover.

Floyd is a real antique lover who would rather die amongst the antiquities than try to survive among the zombies.[4]

Talk to Floyd - a lot - and Frank will eventually convince him to come to the Security Room.

It's essential to get Floyd to join for the Transmissionary achievement - Otis will call Frank about the Floyd The Sommelier scoop later if he's been rescued. In the second mission, Floyd would like some wine.

Although Frank has the option to carry Floyd he only need do it till he exits Ned's Knicknackery. After that he may put Floyd down and he will walk; however, he will display characteristics like Susan Walsh. He will stop and catch his breath, or walk slowly to catch up.

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