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Everyone Knows Slappy  
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Location Location icon  Kid's Choice Clothing in Palisades Mall
Type Psychopath Battle
Psychopath Dead rising brent Brent Ernst (Slappy)
Survivor(s) Dead rising louise Louise Jameson (dead)
Starts Time icon  Day 2, Sept. 26 12 pm[1]
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 27 3 am[1]
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Goal icon
Defeat Slappy.

Everyone Knows Slappy is a Dead Rising 2 mission found in Kid's Choice Clothing on the second floor of Palisades Mall. The mission involves the psychopath mascot Slappy (Brent Ernst). Slappy is distraught that zombies killed his mascot co-worker, Louise Jameson, and blames Chuck for the outbreak and her death.

Tip icon
Before going to this battle, create some pain killers at the mall’s central grotto.

Also visit:

Dead rising Shotgun (Dead Rising 2)
  1. High-Noon Shooting Range and pick up 2 shotguns.
  2. Atop the circular sign on Severed Ties kiosk is another shotgun.

Battling Slappy[]

Examining the mascot triggers the Slappy battle.
Southwest of where the fight begins, still on the second floor, is Chris' Fine Foods. Several food spawns in this store are infinite, so a struggling player can retreat to this store, take cover behind the shelves, and heal back up as much as necessary.

Using the water gun located to the player's right within the toy store on Slappy will cause him to stop and attempt to get the water off, buying valuable time for attacks with close-range weapons.


Slappy's comments after being defeated make indirect reference to many cartoon characters (such as the Looney Tunes cast, Kenny from South Park, etc) who "die" within an episode of their show, and come back the next no worse for wear.


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