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The Defiler is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, made by combining these two items:

  1. Axe
  2. Sledge Hammer

This combo weapon has been described as:

"Imagine a bat with the head of an axe and the head of a sledgehammer both positioned on the business end. Smacking something with that isn't going to leave much in the way of solids."[1]

The "light" attack is a very devastating upwards swing, much like a golf club. This swing is capable of killing a looter or orange mercenary outright with a single blow. The "Heavy" attack is a horizontal cut, which is effective at clearing a path. If the Combo Card is owned, holding the attack button after doing this will cause Chuck to spin around, swinging the Defiler around in a 360 degree motion. While this is also fairly devastating, after swinging, Chuck must stop, stagger backwards, and regain his balance; an action which, more often than not, puts him in the reach of zombies which he did not pulverize.



Defiler tape it or die capcom video.mp4

Defiler showing both the primary and secondary attacks

"Wallace, bless his heart, is still all up-in-up. Trying to build the best weapon. It's so cute. He actually came up with something pretty good today. Simple, too. An axe and a sledgehammer. Put together. Makes sense if you think about it. Both axes and sledges only really face in two directions. Front and back. But what about the sides. Well, Wallace basically squigged the two together (that's a technical term). Now you have a four-directional zombie-whacker! Looks pretty good in action, too!"
"Only thing I don't like is the name. "The Defiler". Ech. Sounds like the pipe system on Waters Avenue back in Costa Mesa. That was defiled."
"But good work, Wally! Nicely done! Johnny Pipes is proud."[2]



Dead Rising 2 Defiler Gameplay

Dead Rising 2 Defiler showing the primary attack only



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