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Himari Noiharachan Himari Noiharachan 11 September 2016

Fix this wiki!

Dear people that may read this:

I've noticed many problems with this wiki.  I'm pretty bad at format…

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Tiffbaby Tiffbaby 3 May 2011

Creating My Own Character

This is how I feel why don't they just let us create our own character in the game and continue wit…

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PajamaPantsPro PajamaPantsPro 22 December 2010

Gameplay of Dead Rising Case West On Ustream.

So, im pretty sure most Dead Rising fans have already seen this, but I wanted to post it up anyway.…

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Mccray2013 Mccray2013 10 December 2010

Days of the Week

Days like today suck, if you wanna know what happened today... PM me for the details, if you were b…

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Mccray2013 Mccray2013 2 November 2010

Question.... to everyone

who do i have to talk to about getting a badge made... i had an idea... its similar to Key to the W…

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Anno1404 Anno1404 1 November 2010

Capcom is deleting webpages is gone.

Stating: The site is currently unavailable.

It is not on Go…

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Mccray2013 Mccray2013 29 October 2010

Psychopaths DR1

I can give an easy way to beat the psychos

ummm i can also give some info on some the pyschos in DR2…

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Anno1404 Anno1404 29 October 2010

Where was this screenshot taken?

As I wander around Fortune City I come upon some really strange and interesting pictures. So I tho…

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