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Dead rising Paradise plaza bathroom secret hatch

Paradise Plaza restroom secret hatch to Wonderland Plaza

Willamette Parkview Mall Restrooms are found in:

Dead rising restroom paradise plaza Dead rising restroom paradise plaza (2)

1. Paradise Plaza,

2. Paradise Plaza Colby's Movieland,

3. Wonderland Plaza, and in

4. North Plaza.

Each restroom has a room for men and a room for women.


Restrooms allow Frank to save the game. Other save points include:

Secret shortcut[]

The Paradise Plaza - Wonderland Plaza restrooms have a secret shortcut. This shortcut allows Frank to travel between Paradise Plaza and Wonderland Plaza by a vent in the ceiling of the women's restroom.

Frank must first escort Out of Control's Greg Simpson to the restroom before this vent is opened.


  • The restroom is a remote enough location to hide and rest from zombies.
  • Restroom mirrors removes glasses.[1]


Restroom entrances[]


  1. incorrectly states that the restroom mirrors remove masks. This mirror did not remove the Bear Mask, nor the Black Baseball Cap. The mirror does remove glasses though.

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