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For Dead Rising 2 see Dead Rising 2 Bugs.

Dead rising pizza bug bug

A Bug which caused the pizza not to fall down

Dead Rising has some impressive game physics, making the player feel immersed in a zombie apocalypse, but occasionally the game shows unrealistic behavior.

Also included on this page are the mistakes of the official guide.

Bad artificial intelligence[]

In addition to survivors not following Frank, survivors will often get stuck at the base of the vent to the security room.

Floating items[]


Very often the shadows of zombies above Frank will appear through solid floors.

Moving through solid objects[]

Zombies often move through solid walls. This happens most often when the zombie is killed. Parts of their body will lie inside a wall.

Movement on escalators[]

Although Frank and Special Forces soldiers move on the escalator, zombies, zombie carcasses, and items do not.


Dot on pylon[]

Gumball machine[]

Dead rising gumball machine bug

The Gumball Machine's gumballs always stay in the same place, not moving when the gumball machine is tipped over.


Official guide mistakes[]

Special Bonus table
Dead rising oven chris's fine food bonus
  • The official guide incorrectly calls ovens "ranges", despite the game announcing a "Cooked in Oven Bonus" every time Frank uses the oven.
  • The guide also states there are 7 "ranges" (ovens), when there are actually 9 ovens.[1]
  • The guide states that there are 6 stoves when there are only 5.[1]
  • The official guide misnames several weapons, See Official guide list of weapons.
  • According to several store overhead announcements, the shopping center was just about to celebrate its third anniversary. But in the bio of Otis Washington, the official Dead Rising Guide incorrectly states "Otis has been working at the Willamette Mall since it first opened in the early '80's."[2]
  • The official guide misspells Barbara "Babara" on page 120.[1]

Bad advice[]

  • Regarding Gil Jiminez, the Official Guide offers this unnecessary advice: "Unequip your weapon (Dup) and hit Gil until he decides to talk to Frank again. Even after another attempt at convincing him to come with Frank, Gil declines." It also fails to mention the 10,000 prestige point photo opportunity in the section on Gil.[3]
  • The official guide fails mentioning the third Entertainment book in regards to the Small Chainsaw, "Take a quick moment to run up the set of stairs and grab another Small Chainsaw on the ground near the console. These things come in handy, especially if Frank is carrying the Criminal Biology and Engineering Books, which allow them to last up to three times as long as normal."[3]
  • The Official Guide, which makes some baffling decisions about what should and should not be included on its lists of items, (See Official guide list of weapons) lists both the red cabbage and the cabbage, when they are exactly identical except for color.
    Yet the guide does not mention the different kinds of milk, cooking oil, cookies, snacks and wine, which are also found throughout the mall as well as being in Seon's Food and Stuff, and have identical properties to the Seon's Food and Stuff food except for superficial appearance.[4]



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