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There are several differences between Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising.


Weapons bloody after use[]

Dead rising 2 x 4 (Dead Rising 2) Dead rising 2 x 4 (Dead Rising 2) (2)
2 x 4 before use After use

Dead Rising weapons did not change their appearance after being used to kill a zombie.

Broken benches create 2 x 4s[]

Both Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 had benches, but Dead Rising 2 benches when broken leave a 2 x 4 behind.


Clothing is named[]

Clothing in Dead Rising 2 is named. In Dead Rising there was no name for the clothing, leading to speculation about names for clothing.


Dead rising skateboard infinite amounts

Chuck is able to grab infinite items off the store rack easier. Instead of picking up the item on the ground as Frank did in Dead Rising, Chuck continues to grab the infinite supply of items from the rack, which very quickly creates a pile of items.




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