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"Hesitation is a conduit for infection."Zombrex medication poster

Zombie endurance[]

Using a Serving Tray with attack level 1, a player can determine precisely how strong zombies are in comparison to each other. Nighttime is at 7:00 pm every day, when the zombies eyes become red, making them "stronger, faster, and much more violent"

Zombie Hits to kill
Level 1 Level 50
Sun.png Day Moon.png Night Sun.png Day Moon.png Night
Women 8
Men 11
Sheriffs, overalls, and bowlers 13
Military men 16


Waitress Zombie in Momma's Diner.

In addition to holding knives, handguns, and nightsticks, as they could in Dead Rising, Zombies in Dead Rising 2 can hold (Gray on Case Zero.):



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