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Dead Rising 2 Pre-Order Bonuses
Dead Rising2 ninja

Dead Rising 2 Pre-Order Bonuses are additional digital content that a person recieved when ordering Dead Rising 2. The pre-order outfits were available in October 2010 as Paradise Packs. The outfits included the:

Dead rising 2 amazon preorder 2

For the XBox360, offered an "Xbox LIVE avatar, featuring Chuck Greene’s iconic yellow motocross jacket, jeans and one of the new combo weapons--the super slicer."

Dead rising 2 amazon preorder

For the Playstation 3, offered "a Dead Rising 2 Theme [screen] featuring Chuck Greene wielding his signature Paddle Saw on the zombie infested strip in Fortune City."

Although Playstation users got their pre-order bonus immediately, there was a two week delay for Xbox 360 customers receiving their Avatar. Amazon gave waiting customers a $10 Video Games credit.[1]

Paradise Packs[]

Skills packs are downloadable costumes which a player can purchase starting October 12, 2010. The costumes a player purchases can still be used during cooperative play.[2][3][4]

Name Abilities Release date
Dead Rising 2 ninja smaller
Ninja Skills Pack

When Chuck wears just one piece of the outfit:

  1. pass zombies unnoticed,[5]
  2. new sword attacks,
  3. thrown weapons (Nails, Plates, CDs, etc.) are thrown farther and inflict greater damage.[Verification needed]

When Chuck wears the whole four piece outfit:

  1. Special "Ninja-like animations".
November 2, 2010
Dead rising 2 psycho
Psychopath Skills Pack

1. Heavier damage from 10 psycho-related weapons:

  1. Cement Saw
  2. Dead rising Chainsaw (Dead Rising 2) chainsaw,
  3. Chef Knife
  4. Crowbar
  5. Large Wrench
  6. machete
  7. meat cleaver
  8. Mining Pick
  9. Power Drill
  10. Pitchfork[6]

2. Take less damage from enemies.
3. New mini-cutscenes on secondary weapon attacks such as with chainsaws, cleavers, and axes.[7][8][9]

October 12, 2010
Dead rising 2 soldier pack
Soldier of Fortune Pack
  1. double ammo,
  2. increased shooting accuracy,
  3. increased damage, and
  4. better headshot accuracy.[10]
October 19, 2010
Dead rising 2 sports pack
Sports Skills Pack
Increased Power for all sports weapons

Increased damage from sports-themed weapons such as Baseball Bats to basketballs[5][11]

Unique Attack

With a football Chuck has a powerful running stiff-arm, a new charge/tackle attack, presumably meant to imitate a linebacker blitz.[5][11]

Better Health Recovery
  1. Chuck earns additional health whenever he consumes food or drink.
  2. Chuck won't get sick when drinking too much alcohol.[11]
Increased Gambling Winnings

Gain additional money when gambling.[12]

October 26, 2010

Post release sales bids[]

Dead Rising 2 downloadable content began to appear on eBay after the games release. One dead Rising 2 Sports Fan Skills Downloadable Pack code was selling at $26 with hours left.[13]

Amazon T-shirt[]

Although not a pre-order bonus, offers a Dead Rising 2 T-shirt with the purchase of the game.[14]




Soldier Skills Pack


A picture showing the Avatar Items, The Sports Fan Skills Pack and the Ninja Skills Pack


Another Pic of the Sports Fan Skills Pack


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