Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Edition
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The Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Edition is a Dead Rising 2 collectors edition sold exclusively in Europe. Only 700 units per console were planned to be made costing £59.99 ($95) each.[1][2][3]

  • A 12 Inch (30cm) zombie figurine with interchangable heads
  • A copy of Dead Rising 2
  • A "Making Of" DVD
  • A Sports Fan Theme Pack
  • An in-depth and detailed guide that will show players how to make a plethora of Zombie destroying weapons from the "Tape it or Die" catalog.
  • Playstation 3 come with a unique Play station 3 Dynamic Theme
  • Full copy of “Dead Rising Sun”, a full length movie featuring Dead Rising 2′s producer Keiji Inafune as the Director. This editions also come with an unseen ending.[3][2]

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