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Dead Rising 2 ubtri yesterday today and tomorrow items atop with mod

Ubtri's MOD[1] is a modification of Dead Rising 2 for the PC, which radically changes game play by modifying the datafile.big file.


Field of View[]

In Dead Rising 2, the Field of View (FOV) is how close the camera is to Chuck. T

Weapon durability and increased prestige points[]


Dead Rising 2 - PC - My DR2 MOD - Improved Weapons Sneak Peak

Dead Rising 2 - PC - MOD - Improved Weapons

Most swords and a few other Melee weapons have:

  1. Unlimited durability
  2. Increased prestige points per kill.

Firearms have their damage, rate of fire, range and accuracy increased.

Most guns have unlimited ammunition, the notable exceptions are the Handgun and Shotgun which do not.

Some guns have been turned into automatic weapons, including the handgun, shotgun and Sniper Rifle.

The Shotgun has had it's spread increased.

Uncommon guns have a chance to be carried and dropped by a zombie.

Some weapons, such as the Rocket Launcher, now fit in Chuck's inventory.

Many guns have different impact effects on the Zombies.

Each gun still has a unique feel, but not everything is 100% accurate.

Combo weapons[]

Many Combo Weapons have had their Durability increased, some unlimited, also Combo Weapons give a lot more prestige points per kill, which allows players to level up faster

The Freedom Bear has unlimited durability and also fits in inventory.

Super B.F.G. gives 5,000 prestige points per kill - 10,000 prestige points if Chuck has the Combo Card.

Almost all combo weapons give 1,000 prestige points, and if Chuck possesses the combo cards he can get 2000 to 5000 more prestige points.


skateboards have improved damage, speed, brake-turning, and unlimited durability. This is a very useful item to get around the maps quickly.

Dropped money[]

The amount of each bundle of dropped money increases substantially. What was $100 discarded on the floor is now $100,000. Chuck can gain large amounts of money quickly by destroying slot machines (or playing them), ATM Machines and Cash Registers.


The SUV now has increased speed and unlimited durability.

Additional items[]


Dead Rising 2 - PC - My Mod's 1st UPDATE - More Items atop Royal Flush Coffee Shop Kiosk

Dead Rising 2 Mod's Items atop Royal Flush Plaza Coffee Shop Kiosk, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, the Royal Flush Plaza coffee kiosk now has several items atop it.

Clothing Dispensers Weapons
  1. Hockey Mask
  2. Champion Jacket
  3. TIR Outfit
  4. TIR Helmet
  5. Complete Arthur Armor set:
  1. Knight Armor
  2. Knight Boots
  3. Knight Helmet
  1. Assault Rifle
  2. Handgun
  3. Magician Sword
  4. Merc Assault Rifle
  5. Rocket Launcher
  6. Shotgun
  7. Sniper Rifle
  8. Six Shooter
  9. Skateboard
  10. Slicecycle
  11. Super B.F.G.



Dead Rising 2 - PC - How to Edit datafile.big & change Field of View (FOV)

Dead Rising 2 for PC - How to Edit datafile.big & change Field of View (FOV)



Dead Rising 2 - PC - ubtri's Datafile MOD - Enhanced Weapons, Items, Money, PP Much More

Dead Rising 2 - PC - ubtri's Datafile MOD - Enhanced Weapons, Items, Money, PP


Dead Rising 2 - Level 1 to 30 in Under 5 Minutes - ubtri's Datafile MOD - Power Leveling

Dead Rising 2 mod each Super B.F.G. 5000 prestige points Level 1 to 30 in 5 minutes



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