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Cut From The Same Cloth  
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3 scoops at 12pm[1]
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Barricade Pair
Dead rising Kent Swanson Cut from the same cloth.png
Location Location icon.png  Colombian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza
Psychopath Dead rising kent.png Kent Swanson
Starts Time icon.png  Day 1, Sept. 19, 2 pm
Expires Time icon.png   Day 1, Sept. 19, 8 pm
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon.png  Jump kick
Dead rising attack icon.png  Handgun
Otis's call Dead rising transiever.png  You said you're a journalist, right? I've been watching the monitors here and I got some info you might want. There's some young guy wanderin' around in Paradise Plaza. He's carrin' a camera like you. I guess he must be a photographer, too. Takin pictures at a time like this...You're both crazy!
Dead Rising Scoops

Cut From The Same Cloth is a Dead Rising scoop. Another photographer has made his way to Willamette, and reckons his skill with a camera far outstrips Frank's experience.

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At 2 pm, Otis calls about this scoop.

Missed scoop calls[]

Like all scoops, Frank cannot be in the plaza/location where the scoop will take place to receive a call from Otis. So, in this case, to receive the Scoop call from Otis Frank cannot be in Paradise Plaza, were Cut From The Same Cloth takes place. If Frank is in Paradise Plaza at 2pm, when the scoop begins, he will not receive a call from Otis until he leaves the plaza. If he stays in Paradise Plaza for too long, Otis will never call Frank, and Frank will lose the scoop.

Guide Arrow[]

Set a Guide Arrow for Colombian Roastmasters (P202), which is where Frank finds fellow photographer, Kent Swanson.[2]


Speak with Kent. Although he is arrogant, Kent actually provides a solid tutorial for taking pictures.[2]

First photo
Must be at least 500 points

Prestige Points   

Must be at least 500 points

Take a picture of Kent taking a picture of Frank

Take a picture of Kent taking a picture of Frank

Kent first wants Frank to shoot a picture of him taking a picture of Frank. Frank must snap a picture worth Prestige points icon.png 500 Prestige Points on more. Make sure Kent is centered and zoomed in so that he's in the frame and snap a photo as soon as he crouches to take a photo of Frank.

Second photo
Must be at least 700 points

Prestige Points   

Must be at least 700 points

Take a picture of Kent in his signature pose.[3]

Take a picture of Kent doing his signature pose

Kent wants Frank to take a picture of him in his signature pose. Frank needs to get Prestige points icon.png 700 Prestige Points or higher. Wait for Kent to snap a photo; as he pumps his fist right afterward. Shoot a picture just as he pumps his fist to achieve your goal. You may have to chase Kent down to get this photo.

New scoop

After these two photos are taken, a cutscene appears, and a new Scoop, Photo Challenge, becomes available. To complete this the Photo Challenge scoop, Frank must take the required pictures and return to Colombian Roastmasters (P202) at noon on the 20th.

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Case 1-2: Backup for Brad.

New scoop introduced cutscene[]

Kent reviews Frank's photos cutscene
[[Video:Dead Rising - Cutscene 17 - Kent's a Weirdo Part 1|thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 17 - Kent]]
Kent paces around Frank and looks at Frank's camera.

Kent Swanson: Hmmm...well it's in focus, and the composition's okay I suppose... Uh-huh. That ain't half bad! Okay, here comes the next one Frankie. But first, feast your eyes on my work.

Kent: Now this is my most emotionally moving shot.

Kent holds up the back of his camera and shows Frank an image of two people hugging

Kent: This is my sexiest shot.

Kent shows Frank a picture of a woman kneeling in lingerie.

Kent: Uh-huh, uh-huh, okay, okay... This is my most violent shot. Check it out...

Frank pushes away the camera when Kent shows a picture with a splattered zombie's head.

Kent: Okay, Here's the deal Frankie. You've got to go out there and take even better pics than the ones I showed you today! You think you can handle that huh?

Frank West: Yeah.[4]

Running kick photo[]

Kent performing a running kick

Prestige Points   

Kent performing a running kick

Take a picture of Kent kicking a zombie

Dead rising walkthrough (7) cut from the same cloth 3.png

If Frank is quick enough, he can snap a picture of Kent Swanson executing a running kick against the zombies. Keep the camera viewfinder focused on him, watch for the Prestige points icon.png Prestige Point icon to appear over his head and quickly take the picture for prestige points.[2]

Scoop expiration[]

  • The scoop must be completed by 8 pm that same day. If Frank is in Paradise Plaza at 8pm when the scoop expires, a cutscene will start, showing Kent's disappointment. Kent will then disappear from the mall.

Cut From The Same Cloth is about to expire on Day 1, September 19, 7:50 pm.

Cut From The Same Cloth expires on Day 1, September 19, 8:00 pm.

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Case 1-2: Backup for Brad.


  • If Frank does not complete this scoop, he will not be given the Photo Challenge and Photographer's Pride scoops and will never have the opportunity to save Tad Hawthorne from Kent Swanson.
  • When Frank activates this scoop the screen will go dark. Unlike other scoops that expire, Frank then has at least until day two to complete this scoop. Kent will remain in Paradise Plaza, waiting for his two pictures.


  • Visual Walkthroughs states that Kent Swanson is "completely annoying, and you'll want to kill him as a Psychopath on the 21st anyway."[5]
  • If Frank runs from Kent, Kent will say in text form:

"Time to cut loose and run, huh? That's real professional of you!"

"Don't touch me! I'm a pacifist! You tryin' to kill me or somethin'!?

"Dammit, What's wrong with you!? Dick!

"Wrong, wrong, wrong! Take a picture, dammit!

"Don't go! I get bored all by my lonesome!"

"Take a picture, man! Don't you even know how?"


  • "Hey, not over there!"
  • Audibly Kent will say "wait up"


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