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Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality
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Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality (C.U.R.E.) is the largest Zombie rights organization in the world. According to their site:

"CURE shines a light on the many areas Zombies face inhumane treatment, suffering and indignity; from laboratories to the internet, and in the entertainment industry. We believe that the living dead share our planet and are not ours to be used for entertainment or experimentation, regardless of their level of infection or state of decay – just as living humans are granted inalienable rights regardless of their intelligence or personal likeability. CURE works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, Zombie liberation, legislation, special events, and protest campaigns."[1]

Stacey Forsythe is the Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality (C.U.R.E.) Nevada leader.

CURE in real life[]

Inspired by the game, CURE is also a minor British political party in real life.[2] It was founded due to alienation from mainstream parties, with the aim of mocking politicians and those who voted for them.[3]

They fielded four candidates in the United Kingdom general election, 2010,[2] in the constituencies of Hitchin and Harpenden, Twickenham, Doncaster Central and Brighton Pavilion. They pooled 317 votes among them, their best result being in Hitchin and Harpenden where they received 108 votes, 0.2% of the total votes in that constituency.

Their policies include increasing the statutory retirement age to beyond death, finding a cure for Zombie bites and granting the undead the same rights as the living.[4]

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  • "At GameSpot, Tom McShea rates Dead Rising 2 at 8.5 out of 10. "In the world of Dead Rising 2, there's an activist organization known as CURE that pushes for the humane treatment of the living impaired...If only CURE realized just how much fun it can be to maim, behead, or otherwise massacre hordes of brain-craving zombies.""[5]


Dead rising 2 CURE deadrising-2 com
Dead rising 2 CURE deadrising-2 com 2


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