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This article is about the Dead Rising store, for the Dead Rising 2 store with the same name, see Chris' Fine Foods (Dead Rising 2).
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Chris' Fine Foods
Dead rising chris restaurant
Location Location icon  Food Court
Type Restaurant
Store number F103
Mission The Drunkard
Survivor(s) Dead rising gil Gil Jiminez
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Oven Stove
Dead rising attack icon  Chair (x40)
Dead rising attack icon  Dishes (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Frying Pan (∞)
Dead rising attack icon  Potted Plant, Big (x3)
Dead rising attack icon  Stool (x7)
Dead rising attack icon  Sub-machine Gun
Food Dead rising food icon  Wine (x6)
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Chris' Fine Foods is a Food Court restaurant in Dead Rising. There is a Sub-machine Gun atop the Chris sign. The unannounced scoop The Drunkard with Gil Jiminez takes place here.

Special Prestige Point Bonus[]

Dead rising pp chris's fine foods plates (2)

Frank can break the plates along the wall for a prestige point bonus, see Special Prestige Point Bonus Table.

Prestige point stickers[]

Dead rising pp food court chriss fine foods sign

There is a prestige point sticker on the main sign.

Dead rising pp chris's fine foods plates (10)

Also on the Mario bust in the middle of the plates.


  • Description on the map page: Think you have what it takes to go toe to toe with our juice 1 ½ inch thick steak? When it comes to beef, nobody beats Chris!


See also Prestige points, shooting plates


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