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Dead rising Chair.png
Location Location icon.png  See article
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Enhanced by book BOOK Icon.png  Interior Design in Bachman's Bookporium (Paradise Plaza)
BOOK Icon.png  Lifestyle Magazine in The Sinister Read (Entrance Plaza)
Cannot be placed in inventory
Dead Rising Weapons
For the Dead Rising 2 weapon, see Dead Rising 2 Weapons.

The Chair is a Dead Rising weapon.

Name Lasts Store Plaza
Dead rising Chair (White).png
White Plastic 10 hits Location icon.pngColombian Roastmasters (x24) Paradise Plaza
Dead rising Blue Chair.png
Blue Sofa 15 hits Location icon.png Weber's Garments (x2) Al Fresca Plaza
Lovely Fashion House Location icon.png Wonderland Plaza (x1)
Display case next to North Plaza entrance Location icon.png Wonderland Plaza (x1)
Dead rising Chair (Brown).png
Brown Wooden 10 hits Location icon.pngFood Court (x28)
Dead rising Chair (Orange).png
Bright Orange Sofa 20 hits Location icon.png That’s a Spicy Meatball! (x12) Food Court
Dead rising Chair (Red).png
Bright Red Sofa 20 hits Location icon.pngThat’s a Spicy Meatball! (x11) Food Court
Dead rising Chair (Brown) 2.png
Brown Sofa 20 hits Location icon.png Emerald's (x4) Entrance Plaza
Location icon.png Springtree Jewels Entrance Plaza
Location icon.png Josh's Jewels (x4) Paradise Plaza
Location icon.png Riverfield Jewelry (x4) Al Fresca Plaza
Location icon.png Jill's Sandwiches Paradise Plaza[1]
Dead rising Chair.png
Green wooden 10 hits Location icon.pngChris' Fine Foods (x40) Food Court
Location icon.png Al Fresca Plaza (x8)



Dead rising IGN chair wooden food court.jpg
Dead rising chair (4).png
Dead rising Chair (Green) 2.png
Dead rising chair color.png
Brown chair next to the bright orange chair to show the difference in color.


  1. Only during the Restaurant Man scoop as part of the barricade.

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