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You have been framed for the zombie outbreak in Fortune City.

Track down clues to uncover the truth about what has happened.

Clear your name and escape from the city!

For Dead Rising see Cases (Dead Rising).

Cases are the series of events that lead Chuck Greene to the truth behind the zombie outbreak in Fortune City and who framed him. When Chuck finds out about a case, the Case File Screen appears.

The Case Panels inside the Case File Screen list important information, such as if the case is pending or engaged, if it's been solved, or if it's expired. You can access the Case File Screen at any time by pressing Start and then on the pause menu selecting "Case File" from the menu.

Time limits[]

Be careful about time. When a case is engaged, a colored gauge appears in the top right corner of the game screen. The color of the gauge shows how much time Chuck has to solve the case before it expires and he loses his chance.

In Dead Rising, Frank could be playing a case or scoop and the time expires, and as long as he started the case or mission before the time ran out, and is still near the case or mission location, the case or scoop would not fail.

Unlike Dead Rising Chuck must finish the mission or case before the time runs out, otherwise the mission is failed.

For a listing of all the time for all cases and scoops, see missions.

Keep on eye on the Mission Cue (also for cases) and always make it your top priority, especially when it drops down into the red category.

Scoop Cue color Description
White over 6 hours left
Yellow under 6 hours left
Red under 3 hours left


Unlike Missions, which are not required to complete the game, cases must be passed successfully to learn the full truth behind the zombie outbreak and go onto to overtime mode by finishing 72 Hour Mode with a "A" ending.

Case list[]

See Missions#Dead Rising 2 cases for full details of each case.

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