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Case 8-4: The Butcher  
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The Facts
Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (7)
Location Location icon  Meat Processing Area
Psychopath Larry Chiang and Carlito Keyes (incapacitated)
Starts Time icon  Immediately after Case 8-3: Jessie's Discovery
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Meat Cleaver
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   50,000
Dead Rising Cases
Goal icon
Travel to the Meat Processing Area in the Maintenance Tunnels and defeat Larry

Starts: Immediately after Case 8-3: Jessie's Discovery

The quickest way to the Meat Processing Area requires the Maintenance Tunnel Key - head down the stairs next to the Paradise Plaza restrooms and take the White Sedan. If Frank doesn't have the key, head out across the Leisure Park and use the Convertible.

Introduction to Larry cutscene[]

Walking into the Meat Processing Area, Frank finds Carlito being hung up on a conveyor by Larry Chiang, a Chinese butcher who is obsessed with his new source of fresh meat. He wants to grind Carlito up.

Dead rising larry
thumb|300px|right| Cutscene 39 - Larry the Butcher
Larry drags Carlito over to a meat hook and places him on it

Larry: (notices Frank) Ah, a customer.

Larry laughs and turns around revealing his large frame

Frank: That guy, over there... I-I mean, uh... that meat... um...

Larry: Oh? This is good meat, huh? I just got it in here. It's fresh.

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (9)

Larry: You just wait right there, sir. In a moment, you can try the best ground meat you've ever tasted.

Frank: Whoa... Ground? Wait a minute. Listen. I had something else in mind...

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (10)

Larry: Zombies are no good! I can't serve my customers spoiled meat like that. I... have a reputation to uphold! Trust me. I'm a butcher! I've got the best meat in town![1]

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (13)
Larry turns on the meat grinder and Carlito's meat hook starts to move toward the conveyor belt

Battling Larry[]



If Frank takes too long against Larry Chiang, Carlito will be ground in the meat grinder and Frank will fail the case.

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (14) Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (15)

Larry doesn't initially see Frank as an enemy, and will simply stand where he is until Frank attacks him.[2]
Larry has the following attacks:

Thrown meat carcass Larry runs to grab a hunk of meat from one of the hooks. Frank must get behind all the other hung meat as Larry throws the meat, otherwise Frank will suffer three blocks of damage. Use the Flying Dodge skill to avoid this attack, by pushing Left in the same direction twice in rapid succession to throw Frank in that direction.[3][4][2]
Hatchet Slice Two blocks of damage.[2]
Hatchet overhead slice Larry leans all his weight on his cleaver and performs a downward slash for thee blocks of damage. There is a recovery time after this attack, allowing Frank to counter attack.[5][2]
Ram Larry charges Frank at full speed and rams Frank with his considerable weight.[6] There is a recovery time after this attack, allowing Frank to counter attack.
Meat hook hanging Larry grabs Frank and hangs him on a meat hook, then Larry hits Frank with his hatchet. Shake the left analog to break free.
Knife throw

Keep Frank's distance and use the hanging meat as cover when Frank needs to eat. Watch out for thrown items - including the cattle carcasses. Sub-machine guns and shotguns are great at dropping Larry's health, but if Frank gets in close a katana will quickly kill the butcher - although Frank will have to watch out for his Meat Cleaver. The Small Chainsaw will quickly kill Larry in a couple of hits.[7]


Prestige Points   


When Larry is has only 25% health, he will suddenly dash over to one of the four buckets of meat found around the room and start to eat from it. The PP icon will appear as he bends over to grab some meat. This meat will replenish a small portion of his life.[3]

Whenever Larry pauses to sharpen his knives this allows Frank to hit him.[5]


As with the True Eye cult leader Sean Keanan, most of Larry's attacks will completely miss Frank while Frank is using the sledgehammer's primary attack and is in swing animation. But Larry is more versatile than the cult leader. Larry cannot hit Frank with his knives if Frank stands directly in front of him while you tap the X button with the sledgehammer. Frank should be able to finish him quickly with just a sledgehammer.[8][9]

Food and weapons in the Meat Processing Area

There are a few weapons and food in the Meat Processing Area:

  • Cleavers and Push Brooms. The Push Brooms aren't too useful but Cleavers will help a bit.
  • Two cartons of milk near one of the Cleavers and another carton of milk to the side.
  • Behind the Meat Grinder are some Sausage Racks that take about the same amount of damage as the Small Chainsaw, but Larry will likely hit Frank as Frank recovers.[3]

Carlito dies[]

Carlito is dying, but still won't give up any information - and insists that his plan still hasn't been stopped. Just before he finally dies, he hands Frank a locket and asks him to deliver it to Isabela Keyes.

Carlito's death
Dead rising carlito
Larry lies on the ground and dies laughing. Carlito lies on the ground coughing while looking up at Frank.

Frank: You're finished. It's over.

Carlito: What about Isabela?

Frank kneels down beside Carlito

Frank: She's on our side now. She's checking out your computer right now.

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (20)

Carlito: My purpose in life... has been to get revenge for what you bastards did to Santa Cabeza... To my hometown. Why... Why was your meat so much more important to you than human life? Why... Why did my people have to die to feed your fat bellies?

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (21)
Frank grabs Carlito's shoulder

Frank: That doesn't excuse what you've done! But I promise the Santa Cabeza story will be told... But I need the password. (shakes Carlito) Hey... Hey! Hey! Stay with me! Give me the computer's password!

Carlito laughs

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (24)

Carlito: Hey... Aren't zombies great? I mean, all they do is eat, and eat, and eat. Growing in number... Just like you good red white and blue Americans. It's not over. Not yet...

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (25)

Frank: (shakes Carlito) Speak! Speak, goddammit! What do you mean "it's not over"!?

Carlito: I'm sorry, Isabela...

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher 25
Carlito removes his locket

Dead rising case 8-2 the butcher (27)

Carlito: Give this... to my sister...

Carlito dies
Frank: Hey... Shit![1]

Larry's Meat Cleaver will now reappear in this area like all the other unique boss weapons.

The Facts: Memories begins on Day 3, September 21 at 10:00 pm in Carlito's hideout.


  • The song during the battle with Larry is "On a Mission" by Hostile Groove.[1]
  • Larry is the last chance to achieve "Psycho Collector" and "Punisher" achievements.[10]
  • Carlito ironically dies in a meat locker when his crusade started over a project to create more meat for Americans.[11]



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